‘Suicide Squad’ Official Synopsis Revealed; Collectible Statues Available

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Official Synopsis Revealed; Collectible Statues Available

DC Collectibles recently announced that collectible statues based on characters from the upcoming movie, “Suicide Squad.” And as it turns out, there’s even bigger news buried within the said announcement:  the official synopsis for the highly-anticipated movie itself.

DC Comics appended the synopsis as part of a blurb at the bottom of the product listing for the statues. It stated the anti-hero story that the film revolves on, in which the US Government (or US Intelligence Officer Amanda Waller, more specifically) assembles a group comprising of every single one of the world’s most notorious super villains they managed to get their hands on, gives them the most advanced and powerful weapons at the government’s disposal, and then utilizes them to defeat a mysterious, insuperable entity.

Does it seem like a good idea? The catch is that the members of the “squad” weren’t really picked to succeed per se: each individual was chosen because primarily because they were expendable (hence the name — “Suicide Squad”). Once the villains realize this, will they still soldier on with a mission to die trying, or give up and decide that it’s every man (or woman) for him or herself?

This sounds really exciting, especially considering the hype this movie has caused among comic book enthusiasts everywhere; DC seem to have succeeded to make otherwise despicable characters be worthy of being sympathized with.

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As for the statues, collectors seem to be delighted by the prospect yet at the same time disheartened that there were no photos released for the said products. Batman News even reports that not the entire main cast of anti-heroes was given the collectible statue treatment. So far we only have four: Deadshot (portrayed by Will Smith; figure sculpted by Adam Ross), Killer Croc (portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje; figure sculpted by Alterton), Harley Quinn (portrayed by Margot Robbie; figure sculpted by James Marsano), and The Joker (portrayed by Jared Leto; figure sculpted by James Marsano).

The “Suicide Squad” DC Collectible statues are expected to hit stores on July 2016, and will cost $150 each.

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Photo Source: Twitter | Suicide Squad

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