‘Suicide Squad’ Official Synopsis has Revealed who the Super Villain team will be Fighting!

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Official Synopsis has Revealed who the Super Villain team will be Fighting!

As a super villain team that only has expendable bad guys, the “Suicide Squad” will be facing a major threat, a threat so big that not everyone might survive. So if you wonder who is this all-powerful enemy the Squad is fighting, DC official synopsis has the answer for you!


According to Movie Pilot, the new synopsis has actually revealed quite a bit since loyal DC fans would not have to think that hard as to who the villain is. According to the synopsis, once the Squad has been assembled, they are provided with the best weapons available at the Government’s disposal because following which they will be sent to defeat an enigmatic and insuperable entity. The synopsis also stated that the reason members of Task Force X were chosen because they have nothing to lose and that is exactly the kind of operatives Amanda Waller needed.

If we were to focus on the enigmatic and insuperable entity, our best guess would be on Enchantress since she happens to be one of the most powerful Sorcerers in the world and only wants to bring evil upon us. Besides that she hasn’t been seen with the squad anywhere except for in the first official photo of the team. In the trailer too, she can be seen performing some sort of ritual, which means she is well on her way to do something evil and something so powerful that the world could be at risk. Perhaps that’s the reason why Deadshot speaks about saving the world in the trailer. Enchantress is an extremely powerful entity and adventure seeker June Moone gets possessed by her. With powers like her, things could get out of hand and beyond June’s control


The other reason why anyone would ever assemble “Suicide Squad” would be because they don’t hesitate to kill and can carry it out with relative ease. Other DC Titans like Batman or Superman would not do that, though the latter did end up killing Zod. Slash Film added that Joker is the other player in the movie that the Squad might have to deal with since the Evil Prince of Crime has always loved creating troubles for everyone. “Suicide Squad” will release next year on August 5th.

Photo source: Facebook/DC Extended Universe


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