‘Suicide Squad’ Spoiler: Deadshot Could be the First Member to Die in the Movie!

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Spoiler: Deadshot Could be the First Member to Die in the Movie!

They say everything is fair in love and war perhaps, which is why only the toughest can survive it. “Suicide Squad” will be putting its super villains in the same condition where members will have to do whatever necessary to execute the operation given to them and make it out alive. Right from the beginning there have been rumors going on that one of the members is going to meet his/her end. We might just know who that member is.

According to Movie Pilot, this might come as a surprise but evidence hints at the fact that Deadshot could be the member who will meet his end in the movie. The first question that will undoubtedly enter anyone’s mind is if Deadshot were to die in the movie, then why would DC cast a major star like Will Smith for the role? Try not to think about this from “having a big star in the movie” perspective, but rather look at it from the character’s perspective.


Firstly, Deadshot is the only member of the team who has a huge factor of morality. He is a bad guy but he has something really strong backing him up, his daughter who happens to be his only family. With morals he becomes the most vulnerable, and do you really think there would be a place for a softhearted guy in a team, which will be killing for amnesty? Even the reason for him to come aboard this team is to get out of Arkham Asylum so that he can go back to his daughter and be a great father to her. But looking at the circumstances, it seems he might not make it.

Secondly, since he is one of those super villains who is not holding onto his mask in the movie, his identity is pretty much exposed to many of his enemies. The prime enemy here is the Joker who will without a doubt go against the Squad at some point and since even in the animated movies, Deadshot and Joker have not really been the best of friends, there are chances, it will be because of the Joker that Deadshot will lose his life. Joker could simply hold his daughter hostage and while saving his daughter, Deadshot will end up sacrificing himself in order to save his baby girl.


Finally, since Deadshot has a death wish to go out in a spectacular way, he will probably just sacrifice himself to save the team, thus gaining their respect in the process. Also, since the rumors suggest that there will be a love triangle between the Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot, this could be the first reason why the Joker would simply take Deadshot as his “No.1 Enemy.”

Collider in other news spoke about why MPAA needs to change its ratings. After “Suicide Squad” got a PG-13 rating, the media outlet argued that the movie has been deemed audience friendly even after there will be a lot of violence, showing the characters doing terrible things.

“Suicide Squad” will release next year on August 5th.

Photo source: Facebook/DC Extended Universe

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