‘Suicide Squad’ Spoilers: Jared Leto Telling Us More Than We Need To Know?

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Spoilers: Jared Leto Telling Us More Than We Need To Know?

Jared Leto has constantly revealed spoilers for “Suicide Squad” which has made anticipation for the film higher.

Leto was cast as the Joker after his Oscar winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club and he’s been into the character ever since. He has to live up to the expectation especially after previous Joker Heath Ledger’s aura is still lingering among fans.

Although Leto has been revealing spoilers for the film ever since the news became official. On his Facebook and Instagram he keeps posting pictures with revealing taglines or reveals stuff in interviews. His metal teeth and tattooed body has upset some fans but everybody knows the talent Leto has and the excitement around his role is endless.

Joker was missing from the first official cast photo of the “Suicide Squad,” which made many fans speculate. David Ayer, the director, replied with a photo of Leto posing as The Joker and recreating the famous cover of the comic The Killing Joke holding up a camera sideways. Also, it looked as if Leto took that photo himself. Also, he was wearing the same hat Joker wears in the comic when he shoots and kidnaps Barbara Gordon. Does all this mean “Suicide Squad” will follow the storyline of The Killing Joke?

Leto’s ripped body in the pictures reveals that this time around The Joker will not only be a mental threat to Batman, but also a physical one. Except from the thought experiments The Joker forces upon Batman, “Suicide Squad” might show us them indulging in fist fights. The trailer has also revealed that The Joker will create Harley Quinn out of Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

According to Whatculture, it is also possible that The Joker will kill Robin as they show a Batman suit with HaHa written on it and not only that, Leto tweeted the same to Zack Snyder’s son who was going to play Robin.

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Image source: Facebook.com/SuicideSquad

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