‘Suicide Squad’ Stages Massive Plane Crash in Toronto

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Stages Massive Plane Crash in Toronto

The upcoming movie adaptation of DC Comic’s “Suicide Squad” is currently one of the most talked film over the internet. From casting of Hollywood’s A-List actors like Will Smith, Cara Delevigne, Ben Affleck to other film’s development, the upcoming film is leaving the fans with a desire to see more. The film’s crew is currently shooting in Toronto and yesterday, the filming on Yonge Street trended as the team staged a huge plane crash on the location.

According to Inquisitr, the pictures posted on Twitter and on Instagram clearly shows the remains of the prop aircraft completely scattered across the cordoned off-road.

“Suicide Squad” director David Ayer, who is famous for his work in “The Fast and the Furious,” is very serious and excited for the villain eccentric film and until now everything was done inside the closet.

Now, as far as we know the city where the production takes place gets paid and they got paid quite well. On top of that, it’s mandatory that all the extras should come from the area and a certain percentage of the minor cast has to be Canadian. On Yonge Street, where the shoot is currently undergoing will be and most likely interfere with the local business and all the businesses are compensated as well. All in all, the city, local business, makes money and a local film crew would be hired from the area. So, it seems that “Suicide Squad” is going to be a good endeavor for the people residing on Yonge Street.

The photos of the plane crash scene that surfaced the internet gives a lot to talk about the massive content of the movie. But as far as the superhero and in this case, supervillain films are concerned, production uses a lot of CGI but with this recent photos we are sure that this big-budget movie is going to be one hell of a ride.

“Suicide Squad” is expected to release on Aug. 5, 2016 and we just can’t wait to see more.

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