‘Suicide Squad:’ Super-Villain Ensemble Will Give Harley Quinn A New Origin Story

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad:’ Super-Villain Ensemble Will Give Harley Quinn A New Origin Story

“Suicide Squad” is far from its release date but still manages to keep all the attention directed towards it. From Jared Leto cutting off his Joker hair to the movie wrapping production in Toronto, everything about it is just more and more interesting. The latest updates on the movie reveal that the movie will be introducing a new origin story for one of the squad’s main member Harley Quinn.

According to International Business Times, the movie, which has several other characters added to its roster, will be centered on the character of Harley Quinn. She happens to be Joker’s sidekick and since one important mission of the “Suicide Squad” happens to be taking down the Joker, she could prove to be a valuable asset. It is also being said that her origin story will prove to be an important part of the film and DC might even end up giving her a completely different origin story.

During the making of the movie one could see Margot Robbie dressed in a blue shirt with black pants shooting for some scenes with Jared Leto. In the scene she was sans her Harley makeup, which means this could be before she was transformed. In one of those scenes one could see her doing some stunts on the bike (with her stunt double for assistance) so gauging by that, maybe this scene will serve as a crucial part in the new origin story that will be shown in the movie.

She was also seen putting a gun on the Joker’s head in one scene and brutally beating Arkham Asylum guards entering her cell in the trailer. This only hints at the fact that in the movie she must be someone who is combat proficient along with being a psychiatrist.

Movie Pilot added that the “Suicide Squad” member currently has her own series as a part of the New 52, in which she parts ways from the Joker to form her own story. She also forms part of the “Suicide Squad” in The New 52 series. It remains to be seen how will the character’s story form in the upcoming super-villain ensemble when it releases next year on August 5th.

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