‘Suicide Squad’ update: Will Smith Does Own Stunt as Deadshot

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ update: Will Smith Does Own Stunt as Deadshot

Last week we saw the Batman take on the Joker in an epic car chase scene in the “Suicide Squad” movie. It came as a surprise to many but were people delighted or not? Too much attention has been showered on the Joker’s presence in the movie. But here’s another villain who also deserves your attention. He might not be as famous or rather infamous than the Joker, but still he is a fine villain.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Will Smith is undoubtedly the biggest name in the the “Suicide Squad” cast and will certainly bring his machismo and charisma to the character he is playing. Audiences were keen on getting the first look but unfortunately had to do with the official photo for the time being. Seems like the lords or rather the curious onlookers on the streets of Toronto have chosen to smile on the audiences who have been hungry to see the assassin in action even before the movie releases.

Courtesy of one of the curious on-lookers who happened to shoot a video of the actor that shows him all dressed up in his costume waiting to do a stunt that basically revolves around coming down a building via rappelling. This definitely might be the first look of the actor in action with his full gear on. It is being said that the actor is hoping to hit gold at the box office with this movie and would really want this one too score big since his last few releases has not really performed the way he wanted to.

Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton also happens to be one of the many nemesis the Batman has and is known as one of the most deadly assassins there is in the business. The studio has already ordered videos shot by fans on the street to be taken down but maybe this little footage will just add more fuel to the fire and result in more publicity for the movie. The movie opens in theatres next August.

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Photo source: Facebook/Suicide Squad: The Movie

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