‘Suicide Squad’: Will We See Something New In The Abusive Relation Of The Joker And Harley Quinn?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’: Will We See Something New In The Abusive Relation Of The Joker And Harley Quinn?
PHOTOGRAPH: Rajlaxmi | Numerous Suicide Squad comic book fans are disturbed by the display of violence between Harley Quinn and her obsession the Joker. Can writer / director trade with people emotions considering the huge number of people suffering from relationship violence?

Harley Quinn is madly in love with The Joker. She is also subject to unreasonable violence from the Joker. Will the numerous fans of comic book accept the kind of relation between them? What responsibility will the writer/director David Ayer take?

Looking at all the hype created around “Suicide Squad,” it is pretty clear that we can expect one of the biggest events in pop culture at the DC’s movie premiere next year. But, the untamed elephant that is still causing concern among the numerous comic book fans is the relation between Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie, 25) and the Joker (Jared Leto), and the way it is portrayed.

Without doubt we can say that it will be portrayed in the right way, meaning, all messed up and abusive like it has always been. According to Forbes, Harley was first seen along with the Joker in “Batman: The Animated Series,” and since then she has stormed the world of superhero with her penchant for crime and bright personality.

Things complicates quite considerably due to her obsession with the Joker, which is fundamental to her character just like her red and black colour scheme. Harley is far off from being a saint, but stories of her inexorable relationship abuse, psychopathy and mental illness makes her a much more relatable and tragic character than the Joker.

So, will writer/director David Ayer take the responsibility to come up with a different story and depict all the complexities in Harley Quinn’s movie “Suicide Squad?” In an interview, according to Dr. Wind Goodfriend from the Institute for the Prevention of Relationship Violence at Buena Vista University, it is very much possible, but taking into consideration what is at stake, it is going to be an uphill task.

In case she is shown as the one who takes the abuse and still goes back to the person who abuses her, than viewers who are former and current victim themselves will take the abuse seen on the screen as personal to them and quite likely it may freshen up as to what had happened to them, reported Mtv.com.

If she is hit by joker, which she certainly will, according to the leaked footage from the Toronto set, then people who have experienced it first-hand may retaliate on a visceral level. It is certainly not a small price to pay considering the high rate of relationship violence actually happening.

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