Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto Might Be Joining Another Comic Book Movie

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto Might Be Joining Another Comic Book Movie
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Jared Leto is still the DC Extended Universe’s Joker, but that does not stop him from jumping onboard another comic book movie franchise. According to reports, the 45-year-old is in talks to star in the Bloodshot movie.

From Villain To Anti-Hero

Sony is building a cinematic universe based on the characters from Valiant Comics. Among the projects in development is, Bloodshot, a movie about Angelo Mortalli, a mafia hitman who went under an experimental procedure that gave him superhuman abilities.

If a deal is worked out, Leto will play the titular hero, the second actor to be cast in the role in a live-action adaptation. It was Green Ranger Jason David Frank portrays Bloodshot in the web series Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe.

How Leto’s appearance in the Bloodshot movie will affect his involvement in the DCEU remains to be seen. However, he is not the only actor to moonlight between two comic book universe. To recall, Josh Brolin, who stars as the Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was cast as Cable in Fox’s Deadpool 2. Brolin will still appear as the Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War.

Meanwhile, the DCEU still has a few more movies for Leto’s Joker. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Warner Bros. is developing a Harley Quinn vs. The Joker spin-off. The Clown Prince of Crime is also rumored to appear in Gotham City Sirens, Ben Affleck’s The Batman and maybe even Suicide Squad II.

Bloodshot will be the second movie that will be released in the Valiant cinematic universe. It will be Harbinger, which will be written by Justin Tipping and Joshua Beirne-Golden, that will kick-off what could become the next blockbuster movie franchise.

Deadline reported that sequels are also in development for both projects. The comic book characters will then meet in Harbinger Wars based on the 2013 Valiant crossover event.

The Bloodshot movie is being produced by Neal Moritz (Fast&Furious) and directed by Dave Wilson. The latter is a business partner of Deadpool director Tim Miller at Blur Studios.

In addition, Sony is also developing a movie franchise around Spider-Man (but without Peter Parker) with Venom, which will star Tom Hardy, and Silver & Black, about Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Who is Bloodshot?

Bloodshot is created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet. He first appeared in the pages of Valiant Comics on Nov. 1992 and has since been one of the most popular comic book characters.

Angelo Mortalli, a.k.a. Bloodshot, was a former soldier who became a hitman for the mafia. However, one day, he was betrayed by his own family and was framed for a murder. He went into witness protection, but an FBI agent kidnapped him and subjected him to an experimental program.

He was injected with microscopic computers called nanites then erased his memories. This gave him extraordinary abilities like superhuman strength and speed, rapid healing, shapeshifting, cyberkinesis, enhanced speed and others. He was intended to become the ultimate weapon, but he escaped. Now, his goal is to find out who he is while he is on the run.

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Details

In the mean time, Leto will soon reappear on the big screen in Blade Runner 2049. The follow-up to the 1982 sci-fi hit will see the actor as a villainous replicant manufacturer.

He stars alongside Harrison Ford who reprises the role of Rick Deckard and Ryan Gosling who joined the movie as Officer K, a new blade runner.

Blade Runner 2049 is directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival). Sir Ridley Scott, who directed the original movie, is also involved as a producer. The anticipated sequel will be released on Oct. 7.

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