Suits Recap: Litt the Hell Up [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
Suits Recap: Litt the Hell Up [WATCH VIDEO]
Patrick J Adams at a promotional event for the TV show Suits

“Suits Season 4 Episode 6 “Litt the Hell Up” aired on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. Mike got fired, while Rachel made out with Logan. Read on to learn more about this episode..

Previously on “Suits (“Litt the Hell Up” Season 4 Episode 6), Jonathan (Brandon Firla) went to the SEC to address some concerns. Mike (Patrick J. Adams) was worried that Jonathan might have found out his deal with Charles Forstman. Well, not yet. But Jonathan did ask him why he had dinner with Harvey (Gabriel Macht). Mike explained that Rachel (Meghan Markle) was hospitalized, and in fairness to Jonathan, he understood.

Meanwhile, the SEC had Logan (Brendan Hines) brought in for questioning. Sean (Neal McDonough) clearly wanted to catch Harvey off guard, but he failed. Harvey managed to take his client out from the SEC. Logan, on the other hand, was wondering what Harvey had acquired. Sean was wondering why after seeing Mike and Harvey out for a dinner, Logan instantly has shares at Wexler. Harvey assured his client that he was not doing anything illegal.

Rachel went at Logan’s to set things right between them. She lost her purpose of going there when Logan started kissing her neck. They briefly made out, but Rachel came into her senses and moved away from Logan, thus leaving the place. Rachel found comfort in Donna’s arms. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) reminded her that she is “a great person who just had a not-so-great moment.”

In the battle over Gillis Industries, Harvey and Mike met up again to discuss how much should Logan pay for a settlement. Mike made it clear that the only settlement that Logan was going to get was if he stays out of the negotiations with control over Gillis.

Louis (Rick Hoffman) made another mistake, if you could call it that. Harvey thought that he had shares at Wexler, only to find out that Louis sold those shares to Forstman (Eric Roberts) minutes before Harvey went to talk to him. Poor Louis.

Mike was trying to convince Forstman of buying a controlling portion of Sidwell Interest Group. Forstman declined as he had already sold to Logan the interest for the Gillis buyout. Then again, he offered Mike a job as a consolation. Mike declined.

Louis tried to fix the “mess” he created by telling Harvey that he lied to Forstman. He told the man that Logan approved to buy his shares. Careful, Louis. Be very careful.

Jonathan eventually found out about Mike’s dealings with Forstman. Mike got fired. Does this mean that Mike is going back to Pearson Specter? Let us know what you think by posting your comments below.

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