Suits Recap: Respect

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Suits Recap: Respect
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“Suits” Season 4 Episode 12 “Respect” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on USA Network. Aretha Franklin’s theme song is this week’s issue on this episode. Read on for the recap.

It’s the usual juggle of law, ethics and office power play in this episode. Jessica made that awesome strategic move in keeping Louis and his mouth shut about Mike’s secret. But with all of the lies that she has told her lover Jeff, she’s now afraid of getting caught red-handed. As Harvey pointed out, it’s making people suspicious when a firm has a lot of issues ranging from embezzlement, fraud and blackmail.

Harvey and Louis’ ethics professor came in for help. Louis volunteered himself, but professor Henry Gerard wanted Harvey, not because he likes Harvey over Louis but because he knows that he will win the case no matter what. Henry and Harvey’s scenes together showed the dynamics between father and son in discussion on how to solve a simple problem. Pure genius.

As it turns out, Professor Gerard is sued for taking a bribe for a case he’s handling. It soon reveals itself that it’s not the entire story. Professor Gerard proved to hold the highest ethical standard in the case he was handling but not when a student offers him money just to pass.

Meanwhile, Louis is still holding grudge on all the people that kept this secret from him. That’s basically everyone by the way. Everyone is trying their best to play nice with Louis ever since Jessica’s speech about wiping the slate clean. Apparently, the message was lost on Louis. He continues to be mean to everyone, especially to Donna and Rachel. But Rachel has realized that Louis will not forgive her nor will ever be civil to her so she shuts her mouth when Louis takes on of Harvey’s difficult clients and just waits for everything to crumble.

But it’s Donna who still puts Louis in his place. Telling him to get on the team that helped him out of several jams and stop antagonizing the team that kept a secret from him is like, saying, “We cannot make you love us, but you will respect us.”

Even with all the lies told by Jessica, her relationship with Jeff is going smoothly, which makes us think Jeff will learn Mike’s secret from Jessica and be cool with it or will learn Mike’s secret from Louis and will go ballistic on Jessica.

Tonight’s episode showed us that no matter how much we think we’re doing the right thing may it be for us or for other people, sometimes it still is unethical.

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