Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 2 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 2 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner [WATCH VIDEO]
Patrick J Adams at a promotional event for the TV show Suits

“Suits” Season 4 Episode 3 “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” aired on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA. Mike would do whatever it takes for his client. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Previously on “Suits” (“Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” Season 4 Episode 3), Louis’ (Rick Hoffman) nightmare finally came true. Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside) was now part of their firm as their senior partner. Although having Jeff on board meant that Jessica (Gina Torres) ended their affair, well, it did not seem the same to Jeff. He still wanted Jessica. However, before all of these dramas happened, Louis was planning a pitch with Jessica. He thought that Jeff was actually after them. Then again, he was too late because Jeff was already hired. Jessica and Louis had a talk, and he felt that he would never earn Jessica’s respect.

Rachel (Meghan Markle) confessed to Donna (Sarah Rafferty) about her past with Logan (Brendan Hines). Donna suggested that she tells Harvey (Gabriel Macht) about it. When she finally mustered her courage to do so, she found Logan at Harvey’s office. Logan told her that she did not have to tell Harvey since what happened between them was a mistake. Rachel insisted, and when she broke the news at Harvey, he was nonchalant about it. After all, he had a bigger issue to solve, and that involved Mike (Patrick J. Adams).

Harvey and Logan met with Mike. Logan offered Mike a $30-million deal. Mike asked Logan about his plan for the company. Logan told him that he would sell its parts. Eventually, Mike turned their offer down. When Jonathan (Brandon Firla) learned about this, he scolded Mike for it. Harvey, on the other hand, found his way with the union leader and had him switched sides. Mike was shocked upon hearing the news, even startled to find out that he had to take Harvey and Logan’s offer. He begged Harvey and told him that he would take less. However, we could see in this episode that Harvey was trying to teach his former protégé a lesson.

With all that was happening, Mike knew that he needed the money to fund the pension in order to win the union back. Mike opened up about his concerns and worries to Gillis (Michael Gross). He then informed Mike that the game was still on and that they have managed to gain the vote of the union back. Harvey was surprised, but of course, he would not show any sign of weakness.

Meanwhile, Donna came to Jessica to tell her about how Louis was feeling all along. Jessica told Donna that she only wanted what’s best for the firm. Donna came up with the idea of Louis having the corner office since Jeff was new. Jessica hesitated at first but then gave in. She then called Louis and informed him about his new office. Louis, in tears, hugged Jessica.

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