Suits Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Harvey Finally Reveals His Feelings To Donna

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Suits Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Harvey Finally Reveals His Feelings To Donna
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Both viewers and critics agree that this season’s “Suits,” season 4, episode 15, “Intent” is by far one of the best. The comeback performance of Sarah Rafferty as Donna is truly outstanding, considering we haven’t seen much of her lately in “Suits”.

With Donna facing the risk of being behind imprisoned, Harvey and Mike did what they could in order to protect her. We can see that it is wrong to impersonate an officer in order to have an access to their logs. Harvey asked Donna why she has a video in Liberty Rail’s file. Of course, Donna didn’t divulge why. Harvey then proceeded to Mike, but he too did not reveal anything. Harvey then insisted that they should drop the case or else Donna will be in a bad situation. He went to Jessica to confirm if she’s already told Jeff, to which she replied that she didn’t get the chance to talk to him as yet.

Harvey tried to negotiate with Evan telling her that in return of dropping the charges against Donna, they will drop the case against Liberty Rail. Of course, she did not agree because they do not have any case to drop. Jeff, on the other hand told Jessica that he is not sure whether he will quit.

Harvey then went to DA Wolf where Harvey learned that Donna will have to face a lawsuit on federal fraud. Mike negotiated with Joe, only to find out that he can’t help him as well because Liberty Rail already paid him. The DA then told Donna that she’s charged with fraud and can face up to five years in jail. Louis volunteered to be Donna’s lawyer and Harvey didn’t seem to like the idea.

Mike is still trying to look into holes to file a case to Liberty Rail. He then found the driver of the train that killed many people and he cajoled him to help him sue Liberty Rail. Harvey and Mike talked to Evan and scared her by telling her that Joe finally admitted to them that she paid him. The Harvey and Mike tandem told Evan that they’re smarter than her and that they have offered Joe more money to testify against Liberty Rail.

In exchange of not pressing charges against them, Liberty Rail must drop the charge on Donna as well. And yes, charges were dropped. But all of that drama was not half as ‘engaging,’ as what viewers felt when Harvey finally told Donna he loves her. Could this mean that Harvey and Donna will finally happen? We have to find out in the next episode of “Suits”.

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