Suits Season 4 Finale Recap: Donna Leaves Harvey For Louis; Mike and Rachel Engaged!

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The finale episode of “Suits” Season 4, called “Not Just A Pretty Face” aired last Wednesday, March 4. In case you missed the thrilling finale, no need to worry. Continue reading to find out what happened in last night’s “Suits” season 4 finale.

In tonight’s episode we saw Cahill visit Pearson Specter Litt to ask for Harvey’s help to make his case against Woodall and Forstman. Mike and Rachel work together to find Cahill’s money and ultimately save him. The couple figure out that Harvey’s brother, Marcus, must have something to do with the missing money.

In the flashback, we see Harvey meet with his brother Marcus. The latter asks Harvey for money to put up his own restaurant. Harvy is reluctant to lend him loan since he knows about Marcus’ gambling addiction. Jessica also turned him down because of his past. Harvey then revealed that Forstman offered to lend him money.

Meanwhile, Donna tries to comfort Louis when she found out that his secretary, Norma, has passed away. Later that night, she told Harvey what happened. Harvey felt sorry for Louis because he knew how much he cared for her. This gave Donna the courage to ask Harvey what he meant by his “I love you” in the last episode, “Intent.” Harvey got tongue tied and told her that he just said it out of pity.

We later find out that Forstman offered Harvey $1 million to come work for him. When Harvey realized that working for him was not a good idea after all, he turned down the job—only to find out that Forstman already gave Marcus the $150,000 loan amount. Forstman made it look like Harvey had taken profits in his scam to give money to his brother.

Back in the office, Forstman came to talk to Harvey to remind him about their deal made 12 years ago. He argued that Forstman only blackmailed him into the deal. Forstman then told Harvey that it’s unfortunate that he won’t hear him confess to the crime. Well, guess what? He just did! Because Harvey was wearing a wire all along, with Cahill listening at the other end of it.

Rachel waits for Mike to get home to celebrate after winning the case. As they drink champagne, Mike said that he called Robert Zayne, took out his grandmother’s ring, got down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him! Rachel, of course said yes.

Back at the office, Harvey called Marcus to see how his brother is doing. Marcus seemed to have kicked off his gambling habit, happily married with kids. When he got off the phone, Donna walks in and apologized for storming out on him. She then told him that she’s going to work for Louis. Harvey asked her not to go, and Donna then told her that she loves him.

What an exciting episode! We can’t wait to find out what’s in store for “Suits” Season 5!

What do you think of the “Suits” Season 4 Finale recap? Were you expecting Mike to propose to Rachel? Will Harvey and Donna finally be together? Sound off in the comments below.

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