Suits Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Harvey Leaves The Firm After Telling Donna He Loves Her [Watch Promo Video]

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Suits Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Harvey Leaves The Firm After Telling Donna He Loves Her [Watch Promo Video]
Gabriel Macht at a promotional event for the TV show Suits

The season finale of “Suits” Season 4 airs Wednesday night and by the looks of it, fans of the series are in for one exciting ride. According to the preview of the final episode, episode 16, called “Not Just a Pretty Face,” Harvey is running away just after he told Donna that he loves her.

Just when we thought the Harvey and Donna relationship would finally happen in Season 4, the couple seemed to reach an impasse. In the preview clip, we saw Donna confront Harvey about his decision to run away. If you’ve been watching “Suits” since the very beginning, this turn of events is pretty surprising especially since Harvey is the type to never back down on his enemies. We can’t help but get curious on what he’s running away from.

Sean Cahill is also making a comeback in the season finale to ask for Harvey’s help to make his case against Eric Woodall and Charles Forstman. Could this be connected to Harvey’s decision to leave the firm?

In last week’s episode, we also see Louis tell Donna that Harvey has no idea how lucky he is to have her. There seemed to be a slight tension between the two initially. We even thought that Louis was going to profess his love for Donna! According to Hollywood Hills, we’ll get to see more of Donna and Louis in the season finale. She’s said to help Louis dodge some “major” trouble. We wonder what that could be!

Meanwhile, things are also not looking up for Rachel and Mike, as there would be tension between the couple. The synopsis suggests that much of it could involve Harvey and how they deal with their “different relationships” with him. CarterMatt pointed out that Rachel could be jealous of how Harvey treats Mike as his #2 even if he was technically a fraud for practicing law, without going to law school.

Watch the promo clip for “Suits” Season 4, Episode 16 called “Not Just a Pretty Face” below.

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The season finale of “Suits” season 4 airs Wednesday night at the USA Network.

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