‘Suits’ Season 5 Episode 11: Logan, Daniel Or Claire Responsible For Mike’s Arrest? Donna Finds Her New Match?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Suits’ Season 5 Episode 11: Logan, Daniel Or Claire Responsible For Mike’s Arrest? Donna Finds Her New Match?
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Since the airing of “Suits” summer season’s final episode, an abundant of speculations has been done by the fans, viewers and media outlets about the possible returning of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) in Pearson Specter Litt, his kind help to bring out Mike (Patrick J Adams) out of his imprisonment and save the firm. But we have to wait for the premiering of “Suits” Season 5 Episode 11 “Blowback” to see whether or not these all will happen according to our expectation. Read on for more details.

One unsolved question is still beckoning all of us, who turned in Mike? In the previous MNG update, we had highlighted the possibility of Donna (Sarah Rafferty), who certainly was aware of Mike’s secret, to be the cause of his arrest. Oppositely, Father Sam Walker (Scott Michael Campbell), a priest who played an important role in Mike’s life after he lost his parents, was also suspected as he was once seen blaming Mike for his own troubles. It looked like the priest was aware of his secret.

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According to Youth Health, the showrunner and senior executive producer Aaron Korsh hinted the possibilities that included Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) ex-boyfriend Logan (Brendan Hines) or Daniel (David Costabile). Korsh also shared that Claire (Troian Bellisario), Mike’s ex-girlfriend, might have revealed everything to police as she threatened Rachel earlier over this matter.

“Ultimately, we do find out who it was. I asked our editor who he thought it was and he was surprised when I told him. But there is a long list of people who knew and there are certainly plenty of other people who could have found out and handed him in even though we have never seen them know,” Korsh teased.

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Design&Trend has claimed that Donna’s love story might occupy second hot seat after the sensitive Mike’s arrest. Hence there is a full possibility of the showrunner to introduce a new love interest for her in the upcoming season.

“Suits” season 5 episode 11 titled “Blowback” is said to be telecast on Jan. 2016 on the USA Network.

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