‘Suits’ Season 5 Episode 11: Mike And Rachel’s Wedding Won’t Be Spoiled, Mike Arrested For Father Walker Or Donna?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Suits’ Season 5 Episode 11: Mike And Rachel’s Wedding Won’t Be Spoiled, Mike Arrested For Father Walker Or Donna?
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The final episode of “Suits” Season 5 ended with an unexpected twist with the arrest of Patrick J Adams’s character Mike for committing fraud and now the fans and viewers are ensured that he was not a real lawyer and he tricked every member of Pearson Specter Litt for several years. Oppositely, Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) decision of quitting the firm also shocked the viewers and it seems the upcoming season will see both these characters in totally different situations. Now we have no other alternative except waiting for around four months to see what next is going to happen. Read on for more details.

The viewers are wondering the secret hand of someone who was involved in revealing the truth to the police that had resulted in Mike’s detention. Some reports including Realty Today’s speculation goes to Donna (Sarah Rafferty) who could be responsible for Mike’s arrest. Or if not Donna, the priest named Father Sam Walker (Scott Michael Campbell), whom Mike visited before he was arrested, might had a tacit connection with his imprisonment. Father Walker was known for playing a vital role in Mike’s life after the demise of his parents. The way he pointed out Mike’s fault and asked him not to blame others for his own troubles, it seems he was one of them who knew his secret.

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According to Christian Post, the initial episode of the second half of “Suits” Season 5 will continue with the events after Mike’s arrest and we will see how everyone in the firm is affected by it. We still believe that it would be good for everyone if Harvey understands the impact of his (Mike’s) arrest and comes back to save the firm. However, the most important relationship that has all the probabilities to be affected is Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike’s impending marriage that had always been the one of the interesting events in the show. Hence, fans have started speculating the fate of their relationship. Many people think that Rachel would not tolerate Mike’s treachery and this would surely be the end of their relationship.

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The similar question was asked by TV.com to the senior executive producer and showrunner, Aaron Korsh. But his reply was a sort of ray of hope for the fans.

“They are certainly not gonna have it in the same form. We are working on that. I can’t spoil it…” Korsh assured.

“Suits” season 5 episode 11 is expected to be aired on Jan. 2016 on the USA Network.

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