‘Suits’ Season 5 Episode 6 Spoilers: Cause Of Harvey’s Panic Attacks; Mike And Rachel’s Wedding?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Suits’ Season 5 Episode 6 Spoilers: Cause Of Harvey’s Panic Attacks; Mike And Rachel’s Wedding?
Suits Season 5 Episode 6

[Spoiler alert! A few spoilers of the next episodes of “Suits” season 5 episode 6 are presented here. Read further to know more in details, or if you tend to miss the telecast.]

We will see Rachel (Meghan Markle) in “Suits” season 5 episode 6, finally making her wedding plans, along with a mind full of dreams to start a new life with Mike (Patrick J Adams). The question is whether the wedding will finally take place or the rolling of wheel will be stuck by a boulder.

Carter Matt’s observation is far constructive in a way that since the wedding of Rachel and Mike has been long overdue, this is the perfect time for the duo to give up living in quandary and boldly go ahead to tie the knot.

There is a possibility of a helping hand for Rachel to achieve her dream wedding. Although Donna (Sarah Rafferty) left Harvey (Gabriel Macht) to work for Louis (Rick Hoffman), she is likely to assist Rachel in every possible way.

The teaser trailer titled “Toe to Toe” will feature Harvey’s sessions with Dr. Agard (Christina Cole). Meanwhile, Harvey is likely to discover the root cause of his panic attacks. Since Donna left Harvey, he has been suffering from panic attacks.

Earlier, in “Suits” season 5 episode 4 titled “No Puedo Hacerlo” [I cannot do (it)], we had seen Louis warning his long-time rival Harvey to stay away from his younger sister Esther (Amy Acker). Harvey was seen taking up the divorce case of Esther, another reason of their closeness, which infuriated Louis.

Esther was seen radiating a tacit seducing note asking Harvey “Would you like to take me home tonight?” Even Harvey was also warned by Louis “not to sleep with his sister.” The relationship is still bitter between Harvey and Louis, and there is at the moment no positive sign of settlement between the two.

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