‘Suits’ Season 5 Release, Spoilers: Harvey and Donna’s Relationship On The Edge, Marcus Specter In More Episodes

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‘Suits’ Season 5 Release, Spoilers: Harvey and Donna’s Relationship On The Edge, Marcus Specter In More Episodes
Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

In the thrilling finale of “Suits” season 4, called “Not Just a Pretty Face” fans get to see Harvey’s brother Marcus (Billy Miller). Spoilers revealed that in season 5, fans will get to met more of Harvey’s family.

Speaking to TV Fanatic, Gabriel Macht who play the role of Harvey Specter, revealed that he wanted to see more of Harvey’s family in future episodes. Macht said that series creator Aaron Kosh had played with the idea of getting a bit more personal this season 5.

“He was sort of leaning into that. They haven’t written any of the episodes yet, but they’re throwing stories around,” he said.

Macht said that Kosh saw a “dynamic” between Harvey and Marcus that they want to see more of. It was said that Harvey felt responsible for some of the issues that Marcus had to deal with, so there’s definitely some sibling drama coming up in “Suits” season 5.

Speaking of personal drama, in the finale we saw Donna leave Harvey for Louis after admitting that she also loves him. Devastated that he can’t seem to get his feelings across, spoilers revealed that Harvey will go into counseling to address some his commitment issues. In “Suits” season 5, it was said that fans will get to see a more vulnerable side of Harvey.

In his previous interview, Macht revealed that although Harvey professed her love for Donna, it might not mean that the two would eventually end up together. He said that although they both have feelings for one another they are afraid that their relationship might ruin their friendship. It didn’t help that Harvey has the reputation of saying stupid things without thinking.

“I think they’re also just a little bit confused because I don’t think Harvey is super in control of his emotions and what he says,” Macht said.

“Suits” season 5 returns this summer.

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