‘Suits’ Season 5 Release and Spoilers: Harvey and Louis Fight Over Donna

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‘Suits’ Season 5 Release and Spoilers: Harvey and Louis Fight Over Donna
Gabriel Macht at a promotional event for the TV show Suits

With the explosive “Suits” season 4 finale, it’s not surprising that the hit legal drama was renewed for a Season 5 on USA. What will happen to Harvey and Donna? Will Mike and Rachel really get married? Keep reading to know more about “Suits” Season 5 release, premiere and spoilers.

Having received quite a good number of reviews since its first airing of the TV series, the fourth season of “Suits” has definitely performed well. The series also used the TV network’s summer programming cycle, having a split-season format that perfectly works for USA. It is no doubt that USA certainly would love to bring back “Suits” for another run of sharp dialogues and exciting storylines on your TV sets.

On Monday, USA has finally announced that “Suits” has renewed its contract of 16 episodes for Season 5. “[Suits] continues to fire on all cylinders,” said USA Network President Chris McCumber, on a press release by

The TV series has an average of 1.6 million viewers in a population of 18-49 age groups. Though “Suits” has dropped it’s ratings for the last seasons, roughly with the same viewer count during Seasons 3 and 4, the numbers are still good enough to renew for another one more season, and it was just what USA made.

As for Season 5, “Suits” creative team should surely have ample time to create an exciting Season 5 premise, since, clearly, we still have a long time way to Season 5 premiere.

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter, show runner Aaron Korsh also revealed some spoilers for fans eagerly awaiting the show’s return. Korsh said that “Suits” Season 5 will bring a lot of surprises that fans should not dare miss.

Since Donna is now working for Louis, will there be a chance that the two could have a romantic relationship? How will this affect the already unstable and competitive friendship between Harvey and Louis? Now that Mike and Rachel are engaged, will they tell her father Robert Zayne that he’s a fraud? We’ll soon find out.

“Suits” Season 5 premieres this summer 2015.

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