‘Suits’ season 5 spoilers: ‘Blowback’ to blast you out

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
‘Suits’ season 5 spoilers: ‘Blowback’ to blast you out

“Suits” is all set to be back in action next month. In the upcoming segment, Mike Ross will be the centre of attraction in Suits Season 5 episode 11 named “Blowback” which will be released on USA Network on Jan. 27, 2016. In addition to Mike’s Arrest, as per spoilers, Season 5 of Suits will focus on Harvey’s anxiety and his family issues.

In the mid-season finale, we were little bit confused with Mike’s arrest for perpetrating fake preparations for his wedding with Rachel Zane. It looks as though their marriage will be a bit delayed so as to clear all his legal problems. But who will be behind Mike’s Arrest?

The executive producer of “Suits,” Aaron Korsh tweeted that, the main 6 is not behind Mikes’ Arrest. Indeed his tweet is giving us a bit of relief.

On the other hand, in current season viewers witnessed Harvey Reginald Specte, lawyer and name partner at Pearson Spectre-Litt law firm visiting Dr. Agard’s place for therapy sessions. It was evident from the last episode that Harvey’s mother was the reason for his depression. As per the spoilers, the upcoming episode 5 of “Suits” will showcase more of the mother-son reunion.

Not just that, the coming episode will also throw light on his chaos relationship with Donna. Donna had already admitted that she is with someone else after the major misunderstanding she had with Harvey. Then how will they reunite? For that you need to wait for the “Blowback.’’

As per Korsh,” Donna was telling the truth,” But it seems as if their makers have some surprises planned for the viewers, which is yet to be revealed in the upcoming episodes.


As per the Franchise Herald, the makers started the story as a “whodunit”. But now as things are getting unveiled, it’s causing a bit of uncertainty for the viewers. So Aaron told Christian today, that they will make it clear everything from the very beginning and combine both things so as to answer how it all happened? He also added that, it doesn’t mean that everything had come to an end. It’s just the beginning of something, viewers haven’t expected yet. So what is he up to? It’s all left for our imagination!

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