Suits Season 5 Spoilers: Donna Chooses Louis Over Harvey; Jessica And Jeff Back Together?

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Suits Season 5 Spoilers: Donna Chooses Louis Over Harvey; Jessica And Jeff Back Together?

“Suits” season 5 spoilers revealed that exciting plot twists will happen to Jessica, Louis, Rachel, Mike, Donna and Harvey this upcoming season. Creators of USA Network’s legal drama have officially announced its season 5 release on Wednesday, June 24,  2015.

Donna (Sarah Rafferty), during the “Suits” season 4 finale, had expressed her demand to Harvey (Gabriel Macht). He needs to be honest to what he really feels, or lose her both as a colleague and best friend. Harvey, however, made a wrong decision and Donna finally left the office and choses Louis (Rick Hoffman), who has been very appreciative to her.

The choice of Donna could either keep or separate them together. Yet fans still are hopeful that the power-couple will still have a fair chance of getting back together. “Suits” season 5 spoiler revealed that the next episodes will try to focus on Harvey and Donna’s relationship.

“Suits” season 5 spoilers also teased that Harvey is heading to ask help from a psychiatrist. It means that he could work on his current issues and may work a second chance with Donna, who he is deeply in love.

Meanwhile, Mike (Patrick Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) become adamant on each other and their struggles in both their personal and professional lives. The couple have finally found out that they are their own soul mate. Mike finally proposes to Rachel, and season 5 probably will witness the wedding.

Louis, meanwhile, is the man who seems to have everything. On the other hand, Jessica (Gina Torres) is down casted after Jeff (D. Woodside) went off “Pearson Specter Litt” and decided to break up with her.

Catch the all new “Suits” season 5 on June 24, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. in USA Network.

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