Suits Season 6, Episode 7 Spoilers: Rick Hoffman Confirms Louis, Tara Goes Out On A Date

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Suits Season 6, Episode 7 Spoilers: Rick Hoffman Confirms Louis, Tara Goes Out On A Date
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Suits Season 6 Episode 7 is titled as Shake the Trees. In this episode, the incomplete love story of Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Tara Messer (Carly Pope) will finally go to a next level. The previous episode 6 revealed Louis asks Tara out on a date and she says yes. In the Episode 7, Louis will make his dream date turn into reality.

Tara Messer plays the role of an architect in the series. She is introduced as Louis’s love interest. Right from the episode she marked her debut, it is seen that Louis Litt is completely smitten by Tara. He likes everything and cannot stop thinking about her.

This proves that perhaps Louis is falling in love with Tara Messer. But Louis needs to make the next move that is to ask her out. In next episode, fans will see both of them enjoying a real date.

In the previous Episode 6 of Suits, it is seen that Tara finds out the lie told by Louis regarding the Hamptons house. She is affected by this behavior of Louis. She assumes that perhaps Louis wanted her services for free and hence did this. But then Louis gathers his guts and tells Tara he wants to take her out on a date to which she agrees.

Recently, Rick Hoffman revealed details of their date to Entertainment Weekly. When asked, if they really go out on a date, Hoffman confirmed with a yes. He also said that fans will get to see at least the beginning of the potential Louis, Tara relationship journey.

He further added that in most of the relationships there is nothing which comes easy. Same goes for Louis. Hoffman further assured that the date will not be a boring viewing experience. But the place of the date is kept under wraps.

Donna plays a very important role in getting Louis closer to Tara. She initially helps him to find the Hamptons house and does it only for Louis’s sake. But so far Donna and Tara meeting and bonding scene have not taken place. Perhaps in the Suits Season 6 Episode 7, fans might get to see that.

Suits Season 6 airs on USA network every Wednesday.

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