Suits Season 6 Updates: Harvey-Donna Romance on the Cards; Pearson Returns?

By Prabhu Prasad | 2 years ago
Suits Season 6 Updates: Harvey-Donna Romance on the Cards; Pearson Returns?

Suits Season 6 had an overwhelming first half and the second half is due. The rumors, however, is perpetual with the legal drama series.

The USA Network has taken a rather unusual habit of leaving things on an ambiguous note with its series. While its intentions to up the ante is justifying, some uncertainties are not quite comforting, obviously. The first half of Suits Season 6 spoke volumes on the future of Harvey, Donna and Jessica. Jessica Pearson, however, poses more questions than answers.

The legal drama is taking a hiatus for the rest of the year and the rumors are taking over. In addition, some earlier reports had it that Gabriel Macht was contemplating an exit, too. While those remain as mere rumors, his character finds itself in speculations in the romance department.

Parent Herald establishes a budding relationship between Harvey and Donna Paulsen. Furthermore, the mid-season finale of Suits Season 6 saw both the characters holding hands and left it at that. According to the reports, the second half will take it from here and culminate to a robust relationship.

That is not all from Suits Season 6! Another source speculates the imminent return of Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson. It is important to remember that Gina left the series, citing some personal reasons earlier. Perhaps, she is coming back to fill the void in case Harvey wants to call it quits. It is her firm, too, anyway!

Donna, however, was in no mood to entertain a love interest in the work environment. Perhaps, she will bend her rules a little bit. In addition to her pre-existing role in the firm, she has to fill in Jessica’s shoes, too. Donna will aid Harvey in the perilous times when Mike is trying to turn the tables on his predicament.

On the other hand, there were some cancelation rumors doing the rounds as well. The showrunners, however, could not give a coherent take on the revival rumors. As long as that stands, Season 7 hangs in a balance. The air of skepticism around the future of Pearson Specter Litt firm is making matters worse, of course!

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