Suits Season 6: Sarah Rafferty And Rick Hoffman Believe There Is More To The Show

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 years ago
Suits Season 6: Sarah Rafferty And Rick Hoffman Believe There Is More To The Show
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Suits Season 6 is going through a wonderful twist. There were rumors that it is the last season for the show. However, Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman spoke their hearts out about the show. The two were on a promotional tour in Australia. Read on for more details.

Suits Season 6 Is Not Enough For Sarah Rafferty And Rick Hoffman

No one wants to see Suits Season 6 as the last installment of the series. Not even the fans or the stars of the show. Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman strongly believe that there is more to the show.

Both TV stars hope that viewers will certainly see more seasons. The good part is that both of them are not just hopeful about more seasons. According to them, they have solid reasons to believe the possibility.

Show creator Aaron Korsh agreed to the fact that the next season is on cards. He said that Season 6 is going on well. According to Korsh, they are already writing for the next installment. This is the most soothing news for millions of fans who want the show to continue for at least couple more seasons.

Korsh confirmed the news on his Twitter. It was after a fan asked him about Season 7. He answered, “We are writing it now,” reports IBTimes. Networks usually do not kill the shows that are still in their prime and are getting all the attention from fans. So, Suits might continue with the next season and probably, a couple more.

Suits Season 6 Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman Speak about the Show

Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman Suits

The show’s popular stars are on a promotional trip for the show as it returns to Australian TV. They also spoke candidly about their highs and lows with the show. Rafferty and Hoffman also said that they want it to continue for few more seasons.

Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt, says he can still do it.  It was despite the fact that six seasons for a show is a very long time. He says he remembers how it feels to be unemployed and doesn’t care if the show goes out on a high. “Run it to the ground,” he says.

According to him, being an actor is not a job ticket. It is because you barely work for half the time. He says he will never forget his struggle and how it is like winning a lottery ticket you won to get the job.

Sarah Rafferty plays the role of Donna in the series. She shares Hoffman’s similar sentiments. She said, “Every day I remember the struggle.” If it eventually happens, Rafferty is going to miss Donna as she sees the character as her best friend.

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