‘Suits’ Spoiler: Who Betrayed Mike Ross In Season 5?

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
‘Suits’ Spoiler: Who Betrayed Mike Ross In Season 5?
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Suits | Suits Season 6

Capping off last season’s summer climax, “Suits” finished with an unexpected twist that many viewers didn’t expect to see. Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams (“Rosemary’s Baby”, “Old School”) was arrested for connivance to commit fraud.


Who could have told on the “fake lawyer” and turned him in to the authorities? Read on to know more.

According to Design & Trend, there may be personalities who could be behind Mike Ross’ apprehension.

First on the list is Father Sam Walker (Scott Michael Campbell). Mike was consequently arrested after his confession to Father Walker. It was not too surprising if it was the priest because he has been like a father figure to him after his parents passed away. It is possible that he may have considered this as penance for what Mike has done and a way to start over after paying for his wrongdoings.

He also had an idea about Mike’s secret even before his confession since Trevor Evans (Tom Lipinski) had previously informed him.

Next is Jenny Griffith (Vanessa Ray). Mike and Trevor met up because the latter informed his childhood friend that his wife did not allow him to attend Mike ad Rachel’s wedding.

Trevor’s wife was not named but there have been speculations that it’s Jenny, Mike’s ex, who had to break up with Mike when she found out about him and Rachel.

Another angle that could be looked at involves Rachel’s parents, as they could have talked about how something was off with Mike after Rachel’s mom Laura, (Megan Gallagher) met with him regarding the wedding.

Rachel’s father, Robert (Wendell Pierce) could have done a background check on Mike, which exposed his secret.

Another character of suspicion is Daniel Hardman (David Costabile). Some may believe that Daniel has nothing on Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson) but he might have found out about what Mike is hiding and that’s what he’s holding over Jack.

Last but not the least is biologist Lola Jensen (Amanda Crew). Lola hacked into Harvard Law School’s alumni database to put Mike on it. She was also the one who got him a legitimate diploma. Perhaps something could have come up that forced Lola to rat on Mike?

For now, viewers can form all sorts of different theories and all these speculations will be unanswered until the new season of “Suits” returns. What do you think?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Suits

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