Suits Spoilers: Season 4 Episode 1 One-Two-Three-Go… [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Suits Spoilers: Season 4 Episode 1 One-Two-Three-Go… [WATCH VIDEO]
Patrick J Adams at a promotional event for the TV show Suits

“Suits” Season 4 Episode 1 “One-Two-Three-Go…” will air on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 10:00 p.m. on USA. Pearson Specter learns that a former district attorney is cooking something for Harvey and the rest of the firm. Proceed with caution. Read only if you want to learn more about “Suits” Season 4 Episode 1 “One-Two-Three-Go…”

According to the preview of “Suits” Season 4 Episode 1 “One-Two-Three-Go…” from Spoilers Guide, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) are trying to adjust with their new set up. As they work on a strategy on Mike’s first venture into investment banking, their new relationship, the attorney-client relationship, can possibly be shortlived.

On the other hand, Pearson Specter learns that a former district attorney, and a disgraced one for that matter, has some vendetta for Harvey and the rest of the firm.

Moreover, TV Line had an interview with “Suits” executive producer Aaron Korsh. Korsh discussed what the fans can expect among the characters of the show.

Melanie Papalia (“The Newsroom”) is a newcomer in Season 4 as she plays Mike’s secretary. Although Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike will face a lot of things which can be a threat on their relationship, Korsh confirmed that Amy is one of the factors.

As for Mike and Harvey’s new working relationship, Korsh revealed that Mike will try to prove himself, while Harvey will not easily take that his former protégé is now his boss.

“He’s not going to let this kid that thinks he’s smarter than him push him around,” added Korsh in the TV Line report.

As for Donna (Sarah Rafferty), she sees what Harvey and Mike are getting themselves into. Korsh referred to Donna as a parent who is watching siblings play. When the supposedly play gets intense, she knows it is going to end up bad.

Jessica (Gina Torres) will be enjoying life in Season 4. She is seeing somebody. However, Korsh noted that they were not sure yet whether it would be a regular thing or not. Jessica’s life will also be explored in the upcoming season. For Louis (Rick Hoffman), he would be having some tough and heartfelt scenes with the other characters. He will be focused on a research, which he thinks he could be of great help to the firm. Moreover, Korsh confirmed that DB Woodside will reprise his role in Season 4 as Securities and Exchange Prosecutor Jeff Malone.

There you have it for the “Suits” spoilers about Season 4 Episode 1 “One-Two-Three-Go…” It airs on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA. Stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more news and updates about your favorite celebrities, movies and TV shows including episode recaps and spoilers, gossips and reviews.

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