Sulli Launches First Public Instagram Account; Receives Hate

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Sulli Launches First Public Instagram Account; Receives Hate

Sulli, the former member of the K-pop girl group f(x) has made a new public Instagram account on Monday. And although fans expressed their support, some also expressed their hate. Read below for the full detail.

According to K Pop Starz, Sulli is definitely starting fresh and after she made her new Instagram account, she now has 10 photos to share to her fans. However, not everyone are happy of her departure from f(x) and some of them didn’t hesitate to let Sulli know that by commenting on her Instagram photos.

This is the K-Pop star’s first public Instagram account. Before this, she already has her own account but she kept it private. It looks like Sulli isn’t letting anyone affect her choice of leaving f(x) and is still happy that there are more supporters than bashers.

Just earlier this month, SM Entertainment announced that Sulli is leaving the all-female group so she could focus on her acting career. Even before the announcement, Sulli was reported to be on hiatus following rumours about her relationship with Choiza of Dynamic Duo. Even if she las left the group, she remains to be a part of SM Entertainment while f(x) moves on and is now down to four members.

It looks like Sulli is happy with the decision that she’s made and is eager to be a huge part of the film industry. Her decision to leave f(x) was greatly supported by her group members and have nothing bad to say about her. All of them wish her luck in her new endeavors.

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Photo source: Sulli/Facebook

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