Sundance Film Festival 2012

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It is just a matter of 10 more days when the Sundance Film Festival for the year 2012 will commence in Park City, Utah, United States. The festival will go on for 11 days, from 19th to 29th January 2012. As everyone knows, Sundance is the largest cinema festival that takes place in the USA every year.


The Institute of Sundance has already announced the selected World Cinema Dramatics and Documentaries in competition. To have a look at the complete list of films competing, you can log on to


In an interview, the Director of the Sundance Film Festival, John Cooper, quoted that the films selected to compete in this year’s festival are much more realistic and have stronger stories. He added that they are glad that Directors are making films keeping in mind the norms of their filmmaking community and also that this year’s festival is expected to be much more exciting.


Just to evidently prove the popularity of Sundance Film Festival, there have been 112 films selected for this year’s festival. These films have come from 29 countries and have been directed by 44 first-time filmmakers. And to quote a few more stats, these 112 films have ben short-listed from over 4000 film submissions, that included over 2000 from U.S itself and 2000 from the rest of the world. Among these, for the U.S. Dramatic Competition, 16 films from America have been finalized to showcased at the festival. The list includes Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Comedy, The End of Love, The First Time, and many more. Now that’s some competition, isn’t it?


And, this is not the only reason. The sunderance Film Awards have also been in news for its eco-friendly campaigns. Sundance Institute has talked about recycling, reducing energy consumption and tips for being “green” at the film festival. Moreover, the merchandise of the festival are claimed to be repurposed, reusable and recycled. They say they’ve done this to reduce the carbon footprint and support the domestic manufacturers. Well, these are but obvious efforts to expect when a Non-Profit Organization like Sundance Institute is organizing the festival. Isn’t that a great effort?


Sundance Film Festival 2012 has introduced various ways for people to associate themselves with the Institute. People can apply as a volunteer or a festival insider for the film festival. And the Sundance Institute has made it all so convenient for people to get information regarding this year’s festival. They can go through the online film guide or download the Festival iPhone app to know more about the schedule, maps, videos, means of transport to get there, venue details and much more. Now that eases up things, eh?


It is clear from the above-mentioned points how much efforts have been put in to make Sundance Film Festival 2012 a huge success. We hope that our expectations pay off and big time. After all, it is the biggest Film Festival in the United States, no small event.

Sundance Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival

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