Sundance to Air One Child Miniseries on Thanksgiving Weekend

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Sundance to Air One Child Miniseries on Thanksgiving Weekend
26 January 2009. Wikimedia Commons/KattKatt21

“One Child,” SundanceTV’s Thanksgiving offering, will air on Friday, November 29, 2014, and Saturday, November 30, 2014. The four-hour series, which is written by Guy Hibbert and directed by John Alexander, will star Katie Leung (“Harry Potter”), Elizabeth Perkins (“Weeds”) and Donald Sumpter (“Game of Thrones”). It’s a story about a young Asian woman’s experience as an adopted daughter of a British family. Read further to learn more about “One Child.”

The story of “One Child” centers on Mei (Leung), who is adopted by the Arthurtons, Katherine (Perkins) and Jim (Sumpter), a British couple. But Mei’s loyalty to her family is tested when her birth mother seeks her help, asking her to return to her native province of Guangzhou where her brother has been accused of murder. Mei becomes conflicted about helping the woman who has given her up for adoption and the brother she has yet to actually meet.

“‘One Child’ is a deeply affecting work that delves into the heart of a human struggle. It tells the story of an ordinary young woman who is plunged into a situation that challenges her to her core,” said Sarah Barnett, the president of SundanceTV in a press release, citing that viewers will be involved in Mei’s journey, as many could identify with it. The show is co-produced by the network with BBC.

In writing “One Child,” Hibbert said that he thought of telling the story of the poorest among the Chinese citizens, taking note of the effects of the infamous one-child policy in China, where many young kids are adopted by Western families.  The series also explores what the situation is for those growing up in two different cultures while touching on the politics behind the drama.

With “One Child” on SundanceTV, the network remains true to its distinction as a venue for independent productions. Filming was done in May 2014, with both London and Hong Kong as locations.

And that’s the news about “One Child,” a miniseries that will air in the U.S. on Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, November 29, 2014 and Saturday, November 30, 2014, on SundanceTV. Follow more TV updates, movie news and celebrity stories only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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