‘Super Clyde’ Charlie McDermott To Be Joined by Mark Addy

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘Super Clyde’ Charlie McDermott To Be Joined by Mark Addy
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As a second pilot has been ordered by CBS for “Super Clyde,” young rising TV star Charlie McDermott, who replaces Rupert Grint for the lead role, will be joined by “Game of Thrones” actor Mark Addy. His addition cancels out Stephen Fry’s participation, who was originally cast in the show. Read on for more details.

As previously reported on MNG, this production of “Super Clyde” is a retooling of a 2013 pilot that never made it to air. Two years later, CBS is starting with a clean slate, with a new direction and a new set of actors.

After McDermott’s casting was announced last February, with the actor playing the lead character Clyde, the show has enlisted Mark Addy for the role of Clyde’s butler and guardian Randolph. Deadline describes the character as similar to Bruce Wayne’s Alfred. In the previous production, fellow British actor Stephen Fry played this part. It has been reported that CBS wanted the thespian back, but nothing has obviously materialized from this.

Addy returns to CBS, as well as U.S. comedy, after doing the sitcom “Still Standing” for the network from 2002 to 2006. He’s widely known to the American audience as King Robert Baratheon in “Game of Thrones.” Currently, he stars in the U.K. fantasy series “Atlantis.”

Greg Garcia, who did the first pilot, remains attached to the retooling of “Super Clyde” under his Amigas De Garcia outfit. The show follows a young, naïve and meek fellow who inherits a fortune from his dead uncle and uses the money to do something great for his community.

Meanwhile, even with the pilot already taking shape, McDermott is still tied to this current ABC comedy series “The Middle,” where he plays the eldest son Axl Heck. It’s been reported that his contract and the fate of the existing series are actually due for renegotiations by May. It remains a big question how the productions involved will handle this conflicts should the network decide to renew “The Middle.” The show is currently in its sixth season.

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