Super Junior Donghae And Shindong Met In A Heartwarming Reunion At A Military Event

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Super Junior Donghae And Shindong Met In A Heartwarming Reunion At A Military Event
Super Junior Donghae And Shindong Met In A Heartwarming Reunion At A Military Event

Even huge Hallyu stars like Super Junior is mandated by their nation’s law to comply with the law of the land- the required military service. Often, fans of these celebrities have to await for sometime till they complete their military service before they can hear an update about them so it would be precious if ever they can get one in between. Apparently, the ELF has a treat as two of the group members, Shindong and Donghae met in an event there. Read On!

The unexpected reunion happened last October 29, Thursday in Nonsan, according to Koreaboo. The military servicemen have celebrated the 64th anniversary of the independent army camp and initiated a “Remember Concert” event. When Shindong hit the stage, he immediately announced “I know someone from here,” as he was referring to another Super Junior member.

He was scanning the crowd when Donghae approaches and said “Greetings! I am recruit number 089, Lee Donghae.” What comes next is the heartwarming embrace between the two. They explained that it was eight months ago since they last saw each other.

And of course, they took the chance to perform for the audience with a short dance presentation of EXID song “UP & Down” and their own single “Sorry Sorry.” Shindong entered the military service last March 24. On the other hand, Donghae began his military training last October 15.


Before Donghae committed to this serve, he left a message in his Instagram account for another Super Junior member who have enlisted, as reported by KPopStarz. He addressed Eunhyuk in his post, “The friend who I love, Hyuk, We may be physically separated but let’s be close in our hearts. I’ll support you from afar and pray for your health and safety so that we can meet again soon. I love you, my friend Hyuk. Thank you ELF [Super Junior’s fanclub] I love you!”

Super Junior keeps on touching their fans’ lives in everything they do.

Photo Source: Super Junior/Facebook

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