Super Junior’s Ryeowook Supports Kim Kibum’s Departure from SM Entertainment

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Super Junior’s Ryeowook Supports Kim Kibum’s Departure from SM Entertainment
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Super Junior member Kim Kibum has officially left SM Entertainment. His contract expired and another member of the group Ryeowook has something to say to him. Read below for the details. 

According to KPopStarz, Kibum took to his Instagram account to let his fans know that he has officially left SM Entertainment. His caption, “2015 August 18th. Finished with SM Ent. Let’s begin my new life!”

Kibum was a member of Super Junior in 2005 but by 2006, he didn’t hesitate to express his interest on acting. Since then, he was mostly away from the group. His co-member of the hit Korean group Eunhyuk said that they would welcome him again anytime he wants. However, it is very unlikely that Kibum returns to the group.

Ryeowook took to his Twitter account to express his support towards his fellow group member.

“I will always support you Kibum! I hope you’ll be happier in a good place. We sincerely wish that being in Super Junior will leave good memories.” Ryeowook said.

On the other hand, not all Super Junior fans think that his departure from the group was a good idea. Some of them took to their social media accounts to call him names such as “fool” and “stupid” for leaving the group because they think or rather, they believe that Kibum would make more money by being with the group instead of going off on his own.

Still, there are still plenty of Kibum supporters and they expressed that they will support the former Super Junior group member in whatever he plans to pursue in the future. They also don’t blame him for leaving the group or even going on hiatus. It was when he was busy auditioning and doing stuff related to acting.

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Photo source: Facebook/Super Junior

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