‘Supergirl’ Post-Mortem: Who Is Hank Henshaw?

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Supergirl’ Post-Mortem: Who Is Hank Henshaw?
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Just right after “Supergirl’s” Thanksgiving episode aired, many viewers began to wonder who Director Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) was and what his agenda with the Department of Extra-Normal Operations might be. In a surprising turn of events, Henshaw revealed his true colors to one main character in the series in the latest episode, “Human for a Day”. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for the episodes “Livewire” and “Human for a Day”.

Many were shocked when Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater) revealed to Agent Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) that their father, Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) had died while working for the Department of Extra-Normal Operations which had already been under the supervision of Director Hank Henshaw (David Harewood). She also added the fact that their father decided to work for Henshaw so that they wouldn’t bother Kara, and so that they would never try to study her, as she is a Kryptonian.


Ever since then, both Alex and Kara, although they still worked with Henshaw, became more suspicious of him. They agreed that they would try to get to learn the truth on how their father died and what Henshaw’s true agenda with them is.

In the latest episode, one of the sisters, Alex, finally got her wish as she got both of her questions answered, but was asked by the man himself to keep his true identity a secret, even from Kara.

It turned out that Jeremiah had died while trying to save an alien that the real Henshaw had been tracking down for a while. However, Henshaw, even after being told that the alien was just innocently stranded on earth, he tried his best to eliminate him, which Jeremiah tried to prevent. This alien, who was a shape-shifter, then assumed the identity of Henshaw and promised Jeremiah that he would take care of his daughters no matter what.

Alex then got the surprise of her life as Henshaw transformed into one of the major characters of the Justice League- J’onn J’onzz or the Martian Manhunter.

Now, finally, viewers can understand why he had been so protective of the girls, and why he was reluctant to let Kara become Supergirl.

Harewood himself was just as surprised as everyone else regarding this reveal as he recently shared with Entertainment Weekly that he had no idea that he was going to become the Martian Manhunter until two weeks after Comic-Con.

The executive producers though, according to their interview with The Hollywood Reporter, were delighted at the fact that they were somehow bringing viewers two superhero shows at the same time without anyone even noticing.


Harewood, in his interviews with both The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly,  also teased that J’onn J’onzz relationship with Alex, in particular, will get more interesting from here on out.

Alex of course, will be pretty curious about J’onzz past, and will try to learn as much as she can about him. It means that fans of the Manhunter should look forward to seeing flashbacks featuring his family in the future.

Aside from that, much like she did for her sister, Alex will be encouraging J’onzz to finally embrace who he is and to not be ashamed of his unique capabilities.

It was also teased that Kara will also discover that he is the Martian Manhunter in a future episode, and from there on, his dynamic with them will change from being a director to a “surrogate father” to them.

With regards to Kara, the two will definitely be able to relate with each other’s loneliness as they are both far away from their home planets. He will also be able to teach her to develop her own unique capabilities, while Kara will teach him to become a little bit more human.

Did you expect that the Martian Manhunter would be making an appearance in “Supergirl”?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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