‘Supergirl’: This is How Red Tornado Will Look like on the Show

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Supergirl’: This is How Red Tornado Will Look like on the Show

It was a bold move for the character that for most of the time lived under the shadow of another DC legend. When “Supergirl” materialized, some hopes were raised and as the show now progresses, a new character has been introduced. Red Tornado, a popular superhero associated with the “Justice League” has entered the show as a villain. The first look though might be disappointing for some.


According to Cinema Blend, Supergirl will not be the only powerful being in the series as Red Tornado’s first look was recently revealed. Known in the DC Universe as the most advanced and powerful android the first look of the character looks a bit less than what was expected. According to the media outlet the look does nail the specifics and that being the shade of red to gold lines and a big T in the front. But despite being true to the material the look does not really come across as a good one. The look seems a bit low quality and looks more like a man standing there with his face painted red. The serious stare down that Iddo Goldberg is doing while in character also does not really help. With its first look, comparisons are bound to happen and this character will have to face being compared to Marvel’s Vision, who had a similar red face. Despite the red face, detailing on the Vision’s costume was better.

In the series, the makers will perhaps use more of CGI and other advanced techniques to make the Red Tornado look like a formidable villain. As far as his powers are concerned, he can generate powerful cyclones that are at a whole other level altogether. He also has the ability to fly and create storms.

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Entertainment Weekly added that in the series, Red Tornado will be created as a super weapon who will ultimately prove to be a threat to everyone Supergirl cares about. This does come as a surprise because in the comics he is known to be a hero who has had regular associations with the “Justice League.” The media outlet also reported that it is not known at what point in the TV series, Red Tornado will overcome what it has been programmed for and become Supergirl’s ally. “Supergirl” will premiere on October 26th.



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