This Superhero Movie’s Sequel’s Details Revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Superhero Movie’s Sequel’s Details Revealed
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Wonder Woman 2 is underway following the success of Wonder Woman became a monstrous hit at the box office. Now, there are more consolidated details that reveal what the story will include and which characters will be back for the second installment.

Wonder Woman 2 story details

Screen Rant reported that Wonder Woman 2 has started to take shape. This new update stated that the sequel could be another historical adventure taking place in a different era.

After Wonder Woman told Princess Diana’s origin story, the sequel will elaborate on another adventure that the warrior-princess was a part of. Since the superheroine is really old in age and origin, the sequel’s story will also take place before her introduction in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

The new update also revealed that the Cold War of the 80’s would be in the movie, which means Diana will be pitted against the Soviet Union forces.

It was already mentioned in a previous report that Wonder Woman 2 would be set in the US. So chances are after the events of the first movie, Diana will move to the US and from there help the American forces.

Another reason why she would consider moving to the US could be because of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. The two were romantically paired in the first movie and having lost a loved one like Trevor would perhaps make Diana move to the country he belonged to.

Cast of Wonder Woman 2

Gadot was the first one to be confirmed for the sequel. Apart from her, there is also a surprise addition to the sequel. The update revealed that Pine who played Trevor in the first movie is also set to return.

While it is good that WB/DC is looking to utilize Pine’s talent as Trevor once more, it raises questions about his return. He sacrificed his life in the first movie, which in a way questions as to how will the makers bring the dead character back.

Since in the comic book world there are a lot of ways to bring a character back, if Pine’s Trevor comes back, it could have an impact on his performance in the first movie.

Scripting and Diana’s role

DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns is confirmed to be developing a script with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. With the combined geniuses of both, fans can be assured that the sequel will be as good as the first one.

Also with Johns mentioning a while back that the focus would be on female superheroes in the DC universe, one can be assured Wonder Woman 2 will get the right treatment.

The movie is set during the Cold War. This would give Gadot’s Diana an opportunity to further prove why she is the best and the oldest superhero in the DC universe.

Her role in the sequel would consolidate her position as an experienced superhero and also show what she did during a time when tensions in the modern world were escalating to new heights.

Steve Trevor’s return

As mentioned above, Trevor’s return to the sequel will raise many questions. It is good to have him back but the thing is if he comes back in a major role, the whole sacrifice of his in the first movie, which inspired Diana to be a hero in this world would go in vain.

Maybe Pine’s Trevor will come back as a memory or in a flashback that was not seen in the first movie. Also if the makers really feel he is a worthy addition, there are numerous ways of getting him back.

Diana could pay a visit to Hades, the God of Death and via him could get Trevor back from dead. Pine could also play a different character who would be revealed as a distant relative of the Trevor that was seen in Wonder Woman.

Whatever route the makers take, it would need a very convincing reason to bring him back. No official plot or release date for Wonder Woman 2 has been released yet.


Photo source: Facebook/Wonder Woman

Facebook/Wonder Woman

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