Supernatural Season 10 Recap: Ask Jeeves

By Sarah Tejares | 3 years ago
Supernatural Season 10 Recap: Ask Jeeves
Jensen Ackles at the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego.

Supernatural” Season 10 Episode 6 "Ask Jeeves" aired on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on The CW. The Winschesters solved a family-related crime. They became involved in the family’s issues and was even accused of the crime. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Dean (Jensen Ackles) checked Bobby's old cell phone in the Impala. He went through each message and discovered that Bobby has inherited something from a heiress. Since Bobby was dead, Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) served as Bobby’s representatives, his next of kin,  to claim it. They went to Connecticut to meet the rich family.

Before they arrived to the mansion, one of the maids was murdered by someone who pretended to be the late heiress. The ghost of the heiress, Bunny, was supposed to scare the maid as she wore the pearl necklace of the late heiress. The butler, Philip, witnessed the murder scene.

The Winchesters arrived in mansion and talked to Olivia, a newly hired maid. She's the one who introduced Dean and Sam to the heiress’ children.

Bunny's cousin and her sister Beverly liked the Winchesters and found them adorable. They also met Stan, Bunny's nephew, and his partner, Amber.

After their visit, the couple, Stanton and Ambe, had a fight about trust issues. When Stanton left the room to check where the noise came from, there was a voice calling his name, so he went to investigate. Then a the figure of a man with an ax came and cut his head off.

Dean and Sam returned to the mansion, and a detective detained them for questioning. While they're waiting in the mansion, they overheard Amber claiming that a ghost killed Stanton. Sam stayed to talk with the family, while Dean went snooping since their tools were in the car. While Dean was checking the place secretly, he found out that Olivia was kept in a room. Olivia confessed that she witnessed how the other maid was killed. Things became complicated for the Winchesters as they can't get the tools as they were also suspects for the murder.

It appeared first that the ghosts were the heiress and her long-dead husband, and they started murdering people. However, the Winchesters found out that the culprit was a shapeshifter.

The first suspect was the butler, Philip, as he hid Olivia and didn't inform the detective about the murder of the other maid. Later, Sam found out that the butler was found dead.  Dash blamed Sam and Dean and locked them up in a room. While, Dash and the rest of the relatives were having an argument, the maid, Olivia, revealed herself to be the shapeshifter. She held the relatives at gunpoint. Meanwhile, the Winchesters could not get out of the room.

Before she was able to pull the trigger, Sam and Dean stopped her. In the kitchen, Olivia revealed that she is the heiress' illegitimate daughter from an affair with a shapeshifter. Her real father tried to claim her, but Bobby killed him. After killing her father, Bobby went after Olivia, but Bunny begged for mercy. In order for Bobby to spare Olivia, he and Bunny made an agreement. Bunny must kept Olivia locked up, while Bobby will take care of Olivia if anything happened to Bunny. After the death of her mother, her butler, Philip, was the only one who knew the truth. He released Olivia out of pity and gave her a job as a maid. During her service to the family, she's disgusted with the family's greed so she wanted them dead.


Dean grabbed the chance to shoot Olivia. Dean fired his gun more than once, and this worried Sam.  The Winchesters soon found out that Bobby only inherited the key to the attic where Olivia was locked up. 

There you have it for the recap on “Supernatural” Season 10 Episode 6 “Ask Jeeves.” Keep tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about this show.

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