‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Spoilers, Release Date: Dean Takes Death’s Place? Misha Collins Hints Plot

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‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Spoilers, Release Date: Dean Takes Death’s Place? Misha Collins Hints Plot

The latest “Supernatural” season 11 spoilers revealed that the repercussions of Death’s (Julian Richings) demise will be the highlight of the premiere episode. In the season 10 finale, fans of the CW series were surprised when Dean (Jensen Ackles) turned on Death in order to save his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki).

In an interview with TV Line, executive producer Jeremy Carver revealed that fans will immediately find out what will happen next now that Death is gone. Carver admitted that Death’s disappearance will pose several questions, including what will now happen to the souls in the after life.

Will Dean take Death’s place?

“Rest assured there will be repercussions to a certain extent — and probably in the first batch of episodes, we’ll start to address that. You can imagine that it causes some issues,” Carver said.

The International Business Times speculated that the disappearance of Death will result to an “overwhelming amount of lost souls wandering around Earth.” Undoubtedly, there has to be someone who will take its place. The showrunners, however, refused to reveal further spoilers if Dean will take on the role given that he was the reason for the former’s demise.

Meanwhile, Misha Collins (Castiel) revealed that fans can definitely look forward to an exciting season 11. He also shared that the premiere episode will take place exactly where the season 10 finale left of.

“This season is going to be about reuniting us against a big bad, which is something we have done before, but it is changing it up. It’s giving us a new focus and I think that is going to be great,” he told Pop Sugar.

“Supernatural” season 11 premieres Oct. 7.

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