Supernatural Season 11 Spoilers: This Season Bloodier Than Ever!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Supernatural Season 11 Spoilers: This Season Bloodier Than Ever!

‘Supernatural’ Season 11 may look stranger than Season 10, with Dean looking to kill anybody who had something to do with Charlie’s death.

The long running fantasy drama, ‘Supernatural’ is going to go into season 11 this October. The official air date has been set to October 7, 2015. The season finale of the tenth season was aired recently. The CW have already shared their plans for the future of the show. Network president Mark Pedowitz made it clear that they are not planning to end the show in season 11. They told the press that as long as lead cast members Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki still want to do it, they will keep airing the show and let it go into new seasons.

“I’m a big believer and a big fan of the show, and as long as the ratings hold and as long as the boys want to do it, we’ll do it,” Mark Pedowitz told the christian today website.

Audience will recall that Season 10 ended with the episode “Brother’s Keeper.”In the finale, Dean continues to hunt, but he is distracted by the Mark. He accidentally gets another hunter killed. Realizing he’s doomed, Dean summons Death to kill him. He doesn’t want to get anybody else killed too. Death has a strange explanation for the mark. Meanwhile His younger brother Sam has been working hard to help his older brother Dean to get rid of the Mark of Cain.

It is claimed that in season 11, Dean blames Sam for Charlie’s death. He will slay anyone who has had a hand in killing her. Sam is obviously in a lot of trouble.

‘Supernatural’ season 11 is still under production and hasn’t been finished yet. Padalecki is allegedly going through personal problems which could delay his work on the show.

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