Supernatural Spoilers: Dean with the Mark of Cain

By rubina | 2 years ago
Supernatural Spoilers: Dean with the Mark of Cain
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In the beginning of the season, Castiel cured Dean as he was transformed into a demon. As the episodes progressed, Dean is getting affected by the mark of Cain; it’s worse this time. The mark starts affecting him, and he feels like killing people.

Sam and Castiel are worried about him, and they are trying to find ways of getting rid of the mark. This time, Dean is also supportive, and he wants to become normal again. In Episode 11“There’s No Place Like Home,” Charlie (Felicia Day) is back and is also willing to help Dean.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver, in an interview with E! News, has shared that Cain (Tim Omundson) will be returning to the show to shed some light on how the mark is effecting Dean and what he thinks about the mark and  how he thinks about himself with the mark on his hand.

“It’s a pretty wonderful episode and what it means for the season-long arc is pretty dramatic. We’re excited about this episode…Everyone’s pretty shell-shocked by it. As concerned as they are with Dean’s welfare, there are even bigger concerns as to how they can stop this from happening again,” Carvel told E! News. “That’s really going to drive our guys to the end of the season, dealing with the Mark and trying to prevent this from happening again.”

The Winchesters will have to deal with lot of unwanted people and will also have to ask themselves some hard questions. Thankfully, Dean have to send Sam away like what happened earlier in the season.

There you have it for some “Supernatural” spoilers. For more updates about this show, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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