This Supervillain Has Been Added In The Venom Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Supervillain Has Been Added In The Venom Movie
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Venom movie is shaping up nicely. After getting Tom Hardy to play the alien symbiote Venom, the movie has locked in the main villain. Fans will not be surprised to know that another alien symbiote will be the villain in the movie.

Carnage as the main villain

Screen Rant reported that Carnage has been revealed to be the main villain of Venom. The evil alien symbiote along with its human host Cletus Kasady will go up against Venom and his human host Eddie Brock played by Hardy.

There have been speculations about Carnage for a while now but it was just recently confirmed officially. The movie is part of Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic universe and within this, the studio wants to explore the stories of other Spider-Man characters.

Venom and Carnage happen to be the most significant members of the Spider-Man universe, which is why they are being brought to the silver screen after Spider-Man.

Origin of Carnage and his human host

As mentioned earlier, Carnage is another alien symbiote that was purely evil. He was born out of the first alien symbiote called Venom and found Kasady as its host.

It all began when Spider-Man defeated Venom and thrown his human host Brock in prison. In prison, Brock became acquainted with Kasady, a sadistic criminal.

Brock knew that the Venom symbiote would find him and come to rescue him in the prison. However, when Venom rescued Brock, it also gave birth to another symbiote called Carnage.

Venom’s son aka the second symbiote Carnage took Kasady and gave him powers far superior to Spider-Man and Venom put together. When Spider-Man was unable to defeat him, he enlisted the help of Venom.

Venom himself hated Carnage and chose to help his biggest foe Spider-Man. The two, with the help of the Fantastic Four, put Carnage at the Ravencroft Institute. Since Fantastic Four is in the XCU and not a part of Sony, perhaps Venom or with the help of Spider-Man will stop Carnage.

Conflict and partnership with Venom

Being Venom’s son, Carnage has always been more powerful than him. The second symbiote once tried to kill people close to Brock, which led to a conflict between them.

At this time it was with Spider-Man’s help that Venom was able to stop Carnage. But since both of them were a potential threat to the masses, Spider-Man had to defeat both the symbiotes. Carnage, later on, gave birth to a third symbiote but got threatened by it.

Wanting to kill it, it was unsuccessful in doing so. Venom wanted to save the third symbiote and make him an ally. Naming him Toxin, Venom had a change of heart when he realized that Toxin could turn out to be a superhero.

Toxin’s human host was a cop, which means he would naturally support the good side. Reluctantly teaming up with Carnage, Venom set out to kill his grandson but Toxin defeated both of them with Spider-Man’s help.

In Venom, it is quite possible that Hardy’s Venom symbiote will give birth to Carnage and later on his own son will turn out to be his enemy. Hardy’s Brock will perhaps use their common weakness of supersonic sound to defeat Carnage.

Spider-Man in Venom

A recent statement from Sony Chairman Tom Rothman revealed that they intend to bring Spider-Man in their universe. Since Sony and Marvel have a deal, it is possible that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would show up in Venom.

If he does show up in Venom, he could reluctantly team up with Venom to defeat Carnage. The studio can also consider including the third symbiote Toxin in future movies and adapt the story right from the comic books.


It has been revealed that Venom will be the first spin-off in the Spider-Man universe. It will focus on Eddie Brock and how he came to be Venom. Topher Grace played the supervillain/anti-hero in Spider-Man 3 but this would be a whole new story.

Hardy is starring as the lead character and no actor has been cast yet for the role of Carnage. Venom is set to release on Oct. 5 next year.


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