Suspect of Murder of Nicki Minaj’s Tour Manager Arrested

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Suspect of Murder of Nicki Minaj’s Tour Manager Arrested
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After more than a week after the fatal stabbing of Nicki Minaj’s tour manager De’Von Pickett, a suspect has finally been arrested. Also, along with the suspect’s arrest, the police were also able to get further information of two other suspects involved, and the motive behind the stabbing.

On Wednesday, Feb. 18, Nicki Minaj tweeted of the stabbing of two members of her team, while they were in Philadelphia preparing for her concert. One of them, Eric Parker, is still in critical condition in the hospital but is sure to survive. However, Minaj’s tour manager De’Von Pickett was fatally stabbed during the incident and was proclaimed dead on arrival.

And finally, on Monday, Feb. 23, the Philadelphia police were able to arrest one of the suspects. The suspect was identified as 31-year old Pierce Boykin, who lives in the 1300 block of East Sedgwick Avenue, Philadelphia. Boykin is being charged with attempted murder, assault, and terroristic threats, along with other offenses. Philadelphia Police Capt. James Clark said in his statement, “We’ve identified all the participants on both sides, and an arrest is imminent on this murder.”

Clark also narrated a full picture of the night of the murder. The victims, Pickett and Parker, went to the Che Bar and Grill with some friends on Tuesday, Feb. 17. Around 2:30am, upon the bar’s closing, the group had a fight with some local men, apparently because of a woman working in the said bar. The verbal fight later escalated into a physical one when one of the local men pulled out a knife and stabbed Pickett and Parker.

As it also turned out, Pickett and Parker were escorting the woman to her car when the group of suspects approached. In relation to this, the bar was also contacted for a statement. However, its representative has not yet released a statement.

In another note, the funeral services for Pickett will be held in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, Feb. 28.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Fer Morrell

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