Suzy Bae Only Singer Among 20 Prettiest Stars Of Korea

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Suzy Bae Only Singer Among 20 Prettiest Stars Of Korea
Suzy Bae is the prettiest singer of Korea

“A Miss” singer Suzy Bae has been listed as one of the most prettiest celebrities in Korea among other top Korean stars Kim Tae Hee, Jun Hi Hyun, Lee Young Ae, Park Bo Young, Han Ye Seul and others. The only Korean pop-star is only cloud nine as she happens to be the only singer amongst all.

A Korean channel TVN revealed on August 17 that Kim Tae Hee happens to be the prettiest actress in South Korea.  Suzy has recently released her much adored song “Why Am I Like This,” a soundtrack of the famous “The Time We Were Not In Love” drama series. The song is said to be based on her real life relation with actor Lee Min Ho. “The song is super cute, capturing the heart fluttering emotions of a growing crush through not only her angelic singing, but also the lyrics, which ask the self why she feels this way,” reported Allkpop.

“The Time We Were Not In Love” has been directed by Jung Do-yoon. It is a Korean adaption of a popular series of Taiwan names “In Time with You.” The series features Choo Soo-hyun , Ha Ji won, Lee Jin-wook and Yoon Kyun-sang in lead roles, reported

Previously,  Suzy Bae was seen promoting her album Miss A’s sound tracks “Colors” and “Only You.”

Suzy is also a great actress apart from being the most popular commercial celebrity and has featured in many television series such as “Big,” “Gu Family Book” and many others. Suzy made her debut in 2010 in a JYP Entertainment Production, but she shot to fame after her much appreciated “Dream High” project – a 2011 drama series. Her role was highly regarded as one of the best ever.

According to reports, Suzy has been dating Korea’s most sought after “Gangnam Blues” star Lee Min Ho.

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Photo Source: Vk/SuzyOfficial

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