Swedish Model Claims Fling with Zayn Malik; Cheated on Perrie Twice

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Swedish Model Claims Fling with Zayn Malik; Cheated on Perrie Twice
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Zayn Malik | One Direction’s Zayn Malik is rumored to be leaving the group permanently following his hiatus after reports on his alleged cheating swindled on the Internet.

Zayn Malik’s troubles with love are far from over as a Swedish model is claiming that she has slept with the former One Direction member twice during the boyband’s Thailand tour mid-March. Read on for more details.

In a report from The Sun and picked up by the Daily Mail, Martina Olsson said that she and the ex-One Direction star had sex two times during their meeting in Thailand. In her account, the model claims that she met Malik during a party at the same nightclub where photos of him holding hands with a girl who wasn’t his fiancé circulated on the internet.

Olsson said that Malik was “really flirtatious” and not once did he mention that he was engaged. She apparently was invited to the VIP area where she knew that members of some boyband were in attendance and it was there that she and Malik started flirting.

Olsson’s kiss and tell detailed that she was whisked away to a shower by Malik and things escalated further to sex. On the second night, the boys from One Direction were once again at the club, but Malik was with another girl at that time. But at 5 a.m. Olson and Malik found themselves in bed again, which she describes as a “gorgeous hotel suite overlooking the ocean.”

The model noted that Zayn Malik didn’t look stressed at all the whole time she was with him.

Following the leak of the photos of Malik with a girl, the young performer dropped all of his commitments with One Direction to return to London on Mar. 20, reportedly to patch things up with his long-time girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

On Mar. 25, Malik announced, much to the disappointment of the group’s legions of followers, that he would be leaving One Direction for good. He cited he wants a normal life as a 22 years old, away from the prying eyes of the public. Claims of him unable to handle the stress of being the popular band in the world immediately cropped up after his announcement, but the reports also say that Zayn and his fiancé have since reconciled.

What do you think, Directioners? Do you believe the claims of the Swedish model?

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Javierosh

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