Switched at Birth Recaps: Girl on the Cliff And Life Begins Right Away

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Switched at Birth” Season 3 Episode 20 “Girl on the Cliff” and Episode 21 “And Life Begins Right Away” aired on Monday, Aug. 11 and 18, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Bay and Daphne’s lives underwent dramatic changes during their last day in highschool. Read on to learn more about the recaps of Episode 20 “Girl on the Cliff” and Episode 21 “And Life Begins Right Away.”

Previously on Episode 19 “You Will Not Escape” (air date: Aug. 4, 2014),  Bay also went to a check-up to learn about her family’s medical history. She later found out that Angelo was also a victim of aneurysm just like some of their relatives. Daphne, on the other hand, refused to accept the insurance money from Angelo’s death.

“Switched at Birth” Season 3 Episode 20 “Girl on the Cliff” Recap:

In  “Girl on the Cliff” (air date: Aug. 11, 2014), Bay finally decided to tell her parents about Daphne’s self-destructing behavior. Kathryn suggested that Daphne should see a psychiatrist, but her husband refused. He still believed that their family problems were easy to solve.

Little did they know, Daphne has been abusing the prescription pills from the clinic where she worked. It happened after Angelo died due to aneurysm. She usually got her stash from the clinic’s drug closet. She was immediately fired after knowing that she flushed some of the drugs in a toilet.

Aside from that, she was seen in the video feed with Nacho. They were vandalizing Wes and Regina’s construction project. Regina tried to cover it up, but Wes was determined to press charges.

Meanwhile, Bay found out that Emmett has been campaigning for both of them. She and Emmett were named as the King and Queen of their school’s prom. When one of their friends got  a problem, Bay decided to help her. She asked her friends to wear tuxedos rather than dresses at the event. Unfortunately, the school authorities refused to let them in. Bay and her friends continued to party outside the school.

“Switched at Birth” Season 3 Finale Episode 21 “And Life Begins Right Away” Recap:

In “And Life Begins Right Away” (air date: Aug. 18, 2014), Daphne faced the consequences of her rebellious phase. Her attempt was so serious that she must be jailed for it. She was brave enough not to get a lawyer for it. She took a plea bargain instead and serve 90 days in prison rather than three years.

Bay decided to help Daphne. She took the blame for the sake of Daphne’s future medical career. Daphne, on the other hand, delivered the graduation speech at Carlton.

In other news, Zap2it reported that ABC has finally renewed the series for its fourth season. It was after the series continued to flourish as the most-favored cable drama by female audiences. The series also earned a Peabody Award in 2014.

“Fans will be clamoring for season four and to know what happens with Daphne and Bay after the season three finale next week,” said President ABC Family Tom Ascheim in the Zap2it article.

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