Switched at Birth Recap: It Isn’t What You Think [WATCH VIDEOS]

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“Switched at Birth” Season 3 Episode 18 “It Isn’t What You Think” aired on Monday, July 28, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Bay met with Tank for dinner, while Daphne remained rebellious after Angelo’s death. Read on to learn more about  Episode 18 “It Isn’t What You Think” recap, plus a sneak peek of Episode 19 “You Will Not Escape.”

Previously on Episode 17 “Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone)” (air date: July 21, 2014), Bay (Vanessa Marano) went to meet with Angelo’s (Gilles Marini) extended family, while Daphne (Katie Leclerc) started to rebel against her parents. When they got back, Bay learned that Regina (Constance Marie) felt guilty over her dad’s death.

In “It Isn’t What You Think,” Daphne continued with her rebellious streak. She and Emmett got acceptance letters from the college they applied for. Unfortunately, she did not want to share it with the world, especially with the on-going rift with Regina.

Bay was surprised when she found out that Tank (Max Adler) was Toby’s (Lucas Grabeel) new roommate. The last episode also featured an intoxicated Tank who met up with Emmett (Sean Berdy), Bay’s on-and-off boyfriend. Their meeting was a failure, and Toby ended up cleaning after Tank. Tank broke up with Bay when he learned that Bay cheated on her with Emmett in “Love Among Ruins.”

Back to the present, Tank asked Bay if she could accompany him to dinner with his strict father. She agreed, but she knew that it was going to be awkward for the both of them. The dinner was set for Tank to tell that he de-pledged from his fraternity. His father felt ashamed of his son because Max left because of Bay. Max continued to drop the bomb by sharing that he and Bay were not together anymore. Max’s dad left immediately after hearing about his latest hobby with medications.

Bay got guilty over Tank’s bravery, so she told him about a secret she had been harboring for a while. Her cousin Sebastian told her that the aneurysm runs in the family. Bay concluded that she and her younger sisters might have the same deadly illness.

Meanwhile, Daphne really stepped up her game. She destroyed the materials that her mother needed at work. Everyone besides Coto from the construction team left their jobs on the project. When the others started to arrive, Daphne left with her new boyfriend.

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And that’s it for the “Switched at Birth” Season 3 Episode 18 “It Isn’t What You Think” recap. Don’t forget to check out the sneak peek of Episode 19 “You Will Not Escape,” which will air on Aug. 4, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) as we keep you posted on updates about “Switched at Birth,” including weekly recaps and spoilers.

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