Switched at Birth Spoilers: And We Bring the Light [WATCH VIDEO]

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“Switched at Birth” Season 3 Episode 15 “And We Bring the Light” airs on Monday, July 7, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Bay attends the housewarming party of Emmett’s estranged father. WARNING! Spoilers ahead! Read only if you want to learn more about Movie News Guide‘s (MNG) “Switched at Birth” Season 3 Episode 15 “And We Bring the Light” spoilers including a brief recap of Episode 14 “Oh, Future.”

“Switched At Birth” Season 3 Episode 14 “Oh, Future” was directed by Zetna Fuentes and written by Henry Robles. It aired on June 30, 2014. Bay (Vanessa Marano) learned that Melody (Marlee Matlin) considered to take both Emmett and Travis outside from Carlton. She was given an opportunity to work for another job. Her kids didn’t know about it just yet, and Bay thought of ways that might help Emmett stay at her side.

Bay also learned that Emmett was invited by Cameron (Anthony Natale) and his girlfriend, Debbie, to the upcoming housewarming party. She told Emmett that he should reinforce his estranged relationship with his father. Aside from them, Melody went to the party along with her new boyfriend Gabe. Unfortunately, they didn’t see the warning signs. It was revealed that the party was actually a secret wedding because Debbie was now pregnant! Emmett told Bay that he’s scared that Cameron might replace Emmett with his new baby with Debbie.

Meanwhile, Daphne had an immediate epiphany — she wanted to pursue a medical career instead of cooking in “Like A Mountain of Snowballs.” Regina (Constance Marie) didn’t admit that she could not afford Daphne’s (Katie Leclerc) college tuition at a prestigious school. Upon learning that John (D.W. Moffet) and Kathryn wanted to help her pay off, Regina refused at first. She told Daphne that she should apply for a Latina scholarship. Daphne had a fight over her real identity, which might be discriminated if she got the said scholarship.

In the end, Bay and Emmett found out that Melody didn’t even agree to the job. Melody also told them that she’s quite happy with her current relationship with Gabe. Regina, on the other hand, agreed with the Kennishes to help her in Daphne’s college funds.

SPOILER ALERT: “Switched At Birth” Season 3 Episode 15 “And We Bring the Light” is written by Joy Gregory and Alexander Georgakis and directed by Jim Hayman.

According to TV Guide, the July 7 episode will feature the return of Toby (Lucas Grabeel) after his soul-searching journey from Iceland. He will share that he has found a new career path. Meanwhile, Bay will receive some grave news from the college she applied to. Is she accepted or not? What could be Toby’s new job? How would Bay and the others react about it? Has Toby finally forgotten about his early divorce with Nikki (Cassi Thomson)?

On the other hand, the promotional photos from Spoiler TV shows that Daphne will have a great bonding moment with her legal father, Angelo (Gilles Marini). She will return to her previous dream and accept his baking challenge.

And that’s it for “Switched At Birth” Season 3 Episode 15 “And We Bring the Light” spoilers. It will air on Monday, July 7, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Check out Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly for the latest news about “Switched At Birth” including recaps and spoilers, as well as other entertainment news.

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