‘Switched at Birth’ Season 4 Spring Finale Recap: There is My Heart

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago

Switched at Birth” Season 4 Episode 10 titled, “There is My Heart” aired on Mar. 10, 2015 on ABC Family.

On the last episode, Daphne wasn’t able to enter her chosen sorority. Mary Beth breaks up with Travis even with Bay trying her best to help them. Lily breaks up with Toby and tells him that she’s falling for someone else. Bay decides to visit Emmett in LA. Read last week’s episode recap here.

Emmett is filming his new movie when Bay arrives and surprises him. She asks if the movie was about them. He introduces her to Skye. Bay leaves and Emmett hands her his keys. Emmett tells Skye that he doesn’t want Bay to see their next scene. He wants to change the script. She advises him to keep Bay away from the set.

Back at home, Bay shows him her gift – a director’s chair. She offers him some help, but he tells her that it’ll be boring. She stays at home and finds Emmett’s script while looking for apartments. She finds out he wrote about her and Tank. She rushes to the beach and confronts him. He still thinks that she cheated on him with Tank.

At the end of the shoot, Emmett tells Bay that it’s too late. He thinks he will lose his focus if she moves to LA. Bay tells him that if he breaks up with her, there won’t be any more chances for them. He shrugs. Bay tells him he should redo the end of his script.

Daphne receives her final chemistry grade and she sees a “D.” She thinks she won’t get into med school because of that. She thinks that Bay’s sacrifice for her was put to waste.

On the way to Lily and Toby’s performance, Daphne learns that her friends got into an accident. At the hospital, Daphne acts as an interpreter for the doctors. She realizes that she should still be a doctor and decides to take her chemistry class again.

Lily visits Toby. He tells her that a Broadway producer is going to watch his performance later. She tells him that she won’t be watching because she needs to sort things out. He finds out about Kathryn and Lily’s conversation.

Toby confronts Kathryn. He thinks she made things worse. She asks him to act like a grown up. The producer arrives and the musical begins. After the performance, Kathryn approaches the producer. She finds out that the producer passed out on them. In the end, she and Toby got over their issues and hugged each other.

Regina confesses her love for Eric, but he didn’t say anything. Later, she confronts him about it. He tells her it’s complicated. She tells him that she no longer wants to sell the property. Eric agrees and finally confesses that he loves her too. Regina talks to Will and she finds out that Eric’s ex is still alive.

Daphne learns about Bay and Emmett. She asks her if her incident with Tank had anything to do with their breakup. Bay tells her he was just a coward. Daphne comforts Bay while she’s putting all their stuff away.

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