Switched at Birth Season 4 Recap: Fog and Storm and Rain

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Switched at Birth Season 4 Recap: Fog and Storm and Rain
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/MingleMediaTVNetwork | Actress Vanessa Marano at the 2011 Saturn Awards.

Switched at Birth” Episode 7 called “Fog and Storm and Rain” aired on Feb. 17, 2015 at ABC Family. On tonight’s episode, a severe storm hits the city, which left everyone with no choice but to stay indoors. Read on for more details.

Emmett Bledsoe arrives in town, but nothing seems to go well. Emmett simply wants to forget everything that happened including Bay Kennish. Bay feels frustrated after seeing that Emmett no longer cares about her even when they fought the last time they met. Emmett doesn’t want to talk to her about what happened with Tank Conroy, but Bay felt that it was necessary. She tells Emmett that he cannot put all the blame on Tank and that part of what happened was because of her. Emmett leaves and walks away from Bay when she didn’t want to tell him the whole truth.

Kathryn Kennish’s mother, Bonnie visits and brings her friend, Lucille. Bonnie seems like she’s acting out of her usual self. She seems to be in a relationship with Lucille. John Kennish suspects that Bonnie and Lucille are in a relationship. He finds their behavior suspicious and he tells Kathryn about them. Kathryn doesn’t want to believe John’s suspicions and dismisses the thought. She thinks it’s impossible. It was after seeing her parents happily married for over 40 years. Kathryn’s mind becomes overwhelmed with these thoughts that she decides to confront her mom.

Bonnie tells Kathryn that she has something to tell her. Kathryn immediately thinks that John was right with his suspicions. It was only when they found out that her mom has Alzheimer’s. Bonnie tells her that she was diagnosed over a year ago. Kathryn offers her place so she could move in with them. Bonnie declines her offers and tells her she’s moving to France and opening a B&B with Lucille. Kathryn thinks that her mom’s not thinking about the future.

Daphne Vasquez gets stuck at Regina’s new coffee place. Nacho arrives to set up the shop’s Wi-Fi. Daphne talks to Nacho. He asks how she managed to skip jail after they committed vandalism at the construction site. She tells him that Bay took the blame. Instead of feeling grateful, Nacho blackmails her and asks for $10,000 for his silence. Regina tries to ask Eric for money. She claimed was for Daphne’s tuition, but he later finds out that Nacho was threatening her. Eric talks to Nacho and shows him a gang tattoo, which scares him off.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/MingleMediaTVNetwork

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