Switched at Birth Season 4 Recap: Player’s Choice

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago

“Switched at Birth” Season 4 Episode 9 titled, “Player’s Choice” aired on March 3, 2015 on ABC Family.

Bay Kennish tells her mom that her “Everyday Hero” project was put on hold. She still hasn’t heard from Emmett. Her dad comes down and tells them that his assistant suddenly quit. He asks Bay to work for him. Her mom thinks it’s a good idea to keep her mind off from Emmett.

Daphne goes home and finds Hanes with another girl named Royce. She tells her roommate Ivy that it’s a bad idea to get involved with someone who lives right down the hall. Ivy thinks they should join a sorority. Daphne doesn’t think she would fit in. Ivy convinces her and tells her that she should leave college with a couple of stories to tell. Daphne agrees.

Daphne and Ivy check out the different sororities. Daphne finds a common friend. Erin approaches Daphne. She tells her she doesn’t have time for a sorority because she’s pre-med. Erin explains to her the benefits of joining their sorority and Daphne becomes interested.

Kathryn practices her performance with Toby. He tells her that he wants to move in with Lily.

In the middle of work, Bay receives a call from Emmett. She gets excited only to learn that he only called her by accident. He hangs up just when she was about to tell him that she misses him.

Travis is finding a hard time to focus on his practice. He tells John that he’s having problems with Mary-Beth. John calls Bay for help. Travis tells Bay that Mary-Beth is freezing him out. She wonders what he did wrong. He thinks it’s the end. Bay doesn’t want him to go down without a fight.

Bay talks to Mary-Beth. She’s finding it difficult to adjust to his new life as a baseball star, especially when he’s surrounded by the Spirit Girls.

Kathryn sees Lily flirting with some guy while posting fliers. She introduces Kathryn as Daphne’s mom, instead of referring to her as her boyfriend’s mom. She offers to post some of Kathryn’s fliers and leaves. Kathryn looks for Lily at the office and spots her. Lily reassures her that there’s nothing going on between her and Julian. Kathryn tells her that she doesn’t want to see Toby’s heart get broken again.

During the interview, Kathryn tries too hard to impress her interviewer and narrates her the story about being switched at birth. She meets Royce, who also slept with Hanes. She offends her when she says that he hooks up with everyone. Daphne and Ivy list out only one sorority. Ivy got in but Daphne didn’t.

Travis misses practice to watch Mary-Beth play. She finds out a girl named Ana came with him. She tells him that she can’t do this anymore. Travis tells her he’ll stop hanging out with the guys. She thinks their relationship isn’t right anymore.

John finds out that Travis is still missing. Bay admits that she was behind all these. Travis arrives and John tells him he’s benched. Bay finds out that things ended between Travis and Mary-Beth. She tries to convince Mary-Beth, but Mary-Beth tells her that she should be fighting for her own relationship instead of theirs.

Daphne talks to Royce. She confronts her if she had anything to do with the result of her application. Royce tells her it was Tara who rejected her.

Toby asks Lily to move in with him. She tells him that she’s starting to have feelings for a colleague. Toby arrives home and tells Kathryn that he won’t be moving in with Lily anymore.

John failed to secure the game and his spot as the coach. Bay apologizes. He tells her that he was only being tough for a reason. Bay tells him she’s going to LA to see Emmett.

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